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Portable Vise

Alans Woodworking

Don't have a woodworking vise? Make this portable one you can use anywhere, all you need are a few clamps. Download the PDF for the dimensions of this ...


Make A Metal Mini Drill Vise || DIY HomeMade Tool

Mistry MakeTool

Hello Friends, Make A Metal Mini Drill Press Vice. I show you how to Make A drill Vice. it's easy to build. It has a solid sliding jaw and special handle feature that ...


Portable Vise Mount


Easy way to mount a vise on any flat surface using a couple clamps...


Making a portable Oak base for a Harbor Freight Mini Vise

Don Brandt

Here i create a oak platform base for a harbor freight mini Vise... This was a very simple project that i hope will be valuable in the shop. Editing with Adobe ...


Building a Simple & Cheap Vise Stand

On The Workbench

Building a simple, cheap (and elegant) vise stand for my shop. Read more about this project here:


Make A Portable Vise – Simple

cock tail

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DIY Drill Powered Lathe

Make your own drill powered lathe! Have a question? Hit me up on social media: Facebook & Instagram: @oneminuteworkbench Twitter: @oneminworkbench ...


How to make a simple drill powered hacksaw at home,diy

Young DIY

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(how to make) a simple homemade sawmill | Izzy Swan

izzy swan

Building a small homemade sawmill can be pretty simple. I built this diy sawmill out of construction grade wood in a few hours and it works great. Woodworking ...


Make A Metal Bender || Homemade Roller Bender

Mistry MakeTool

Hello Friends, Today I Make A Roller Bender From Metal. This Is Really A Great Project And Very Useful For Bending Of Metal Pieces. I Hope You Enjoy This ...


Make a Simple Metal Bender | Do it yourself - DIY

This Video Shows you How to Make a Simple Metal Bender #metalbenderdiy #metalbenderhomemade.


DIY Metal Cutting Bandsaw // Making a Portable Bandsaw (Drill Powered)

in this video i'll be making a mobile band saw for fast, straight and smooth cuts. it works with a cordless drill. You can find all the measurements and material list ...


How to make your bench vice portable

DIY Central

An easy way convert a bench vice to a portable vice All you need apart from the vice is a piece of descent thick plywood some bolts and some clamps to hold it to ...


Metal Bender Made Out Of Bearing

Sek Austria

SUPPORT ME ON PATREON Project no.56 Diy Metal Bearing Bender Made this idea to easily bend round bars, square ...


Easy Quick Release Vice Mechanism

Pask Makes

After the feedback I got from my original steel version of this mechanism I decided to make a no weld version. It's made from plywood, is much easier to make ...


Vise Mounted Router Table

Make your own compact router table that quickly mounts in a vise! Have a question? Hit me up on social media: Facebook & Instagram: @oneminuteworkbench ...


Portable Vice

Markz51 Crooks

One of the simplest and most useful tools you can have as a fabricator is a Vice. Now I have seen vices mounted to work benches, pickup truck bumpers and ...


Portable Metalworking - Machinist Vice / Vise Hack for Woodworking

The Wood Yogi

This video demonstrates how I adapted my Metalworking Vice / Vise by adding a simple Plywood Base to make it portable. I can easily and quickly attach it to ...


How to Make a Portable Carpenters Vise


I needed a vise to bring with me to college, and the only one I had was attached to my workbench. I improvised by using a hand screw clamp with a deep ...


Hand Vise Restoration

If you'd like to help this channel, you can do it on Patreon: I've got this rusty old hand vise at the flea market for next ...