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How To Make a PSU Shroud... Shroud! | bit-tech Modding


Frustrated with holes from unused SSD mounts ruining your clean look? Cover them up with a simple PSU shroud shroud! Unsure what tools to use to smooth ...


Cheap & Easy DIY Camper Van Plumbing System - Van Life

Our cheap and easy DIY campervan plumbing setup includes a bar sink, flexible phtalate-free pipes, a 5-gallon bucket with a sealed lid, 2 x Desert Patrol water ...


Ultimate Battery Backup Hack/Mod.

The 8-Bit Guy

In this episode, I take an APC battery backup and modify it to have 3 direct DC output jacks as well as an LED display with voltage readout. This gives me a ...


How To Make A DIY Custom GPU Backplate - PC Modding Tutorial

Designs By IFR

How To Make A DIY Custom GPU Backplate - PC Modding Tutorial. In todays video i want to show you how to make a diy custom computer gpu back plate, this ...


Build your own PC case from scratch (how-to-guide)

DIY Perks

In this video we'll be making a sweet-looking PC case from scratch, using cheap materials & basic hand tools! Also available in kit form!


How to make a mini ITX computer case

In this video I'm building a very compact computer for my parents in a DIY case. Facebook: Instagram: ...


THERE ARE SECRET GIANT UNITS IN TABS! | Totally Accurate Battle Simulator #10


Something terrible happened to roger in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator! His head shrank Become a Sponsor: Original ...


Electric SuperChargers Mythbusted

Mighty Car Mods

Will you make power with an eBay Supercharger? In this episode Marty and Moog install a system to see if the claims on the box actually turn into real world ...


TUNING | How it Works

Donut Media

Thanks to FIXD for their help with this video! Enter code “DONUT” for 10% off at checkout! Tuner cars are cars that can be easily modified- ...


VMµ - RetroPie Gaming Handheld Inside a Sega Dreamcast VMU


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Crowning the Best Portable Retro Game Emulator


In the absence of a proper virtual console for the Switch we're going to need some alternatives for playing retro games on the go. From game console hacks to ...


Top 5 Mods for Motorcycle Safety


If safety is a concern, well RyanF9 has a handful of motorcycle safety mods that will help you sleep better at night. Top 5 Mods for Motorcycle Safety Gear links ...


Stonehearth Alpha 24 - New Building System Update - Ep 6


Stonehearth Alpha 24 is here with the new Building System and a New Weather System, New Multiplayer Game Mode and various of improvements to expand ...


N64 Portable: It's Alive!

The N64 Portable has become the bane of Ben's existence. Now, to the unrestrained delight of Karen, Ben finishes his N64 portable project. Visit Ben Heck ...


How To Make A ME-System (Applied Energistics 2) (Modded Minecraft) (TUTORIAL)


Mod: Applied Energistics 2 Tutorial Aim: I am showing you the basics of making a ME-System in this video. Leave a thanks if you learned it will be much ...


NEW 2018 MacBook Air and Mac Mini - 18 DISAPPOINTING things you might have missed!


So Apple updated the MacBook Air and Mac Mini today. On paper, these updates look pretty good. BUT did anybody else feel almost a little annoyed, ...


12 Volt Accessories for Jayco Caravan & Camper Trailer - Free Camping & Staying Off the Grid 1300 CAR ELEC Take a tour of Briohny and Andrew's Jayco Outback Swan and all the 12 volt accessories they have added to ensure ...


I Joined the German Navy So I Could Drown Everyone in UBOAT


I Joined the German Navy So I Could Drown Everyone in UBOAT Subscribe if you enjoy the content Watch more SIMULATOR GAMES ...


Suspension | How it Works

Donut Media

Get $25 off your first order at Bombfell here: Bombfell makes shopping for men's clothes quick and easy! Their certified ...


DIY Parts Washer


IF you have access to compressed air, you can clean, degrease and restore the finish on automotive parts (and anything else really, not just DSMs) using the ...