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How To Make LED flashlight 12v 150w - 50 Led 3W

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How To Make Powerful LED flashlight 12v 150w at home, DIY Super bright 12v 150w - I Using 48Pcs 3w Luxeon Led - Aluminum heat sink 15x25cm - 12v ...


How To Make High Power Led Light At Home 60 Watt 12v


Hell Guys in this project I use total 12 10 watt led. As this kind of led get very hot you need proper heat sink. I run all of the led at half power around 5watt so that it ...


100W LED Driver for DC 12V 24V Power Source


Tips and tricks for operating the Stratus LEDs 100W LED Driver V2. It is designed specifically to power 100W LED chips that are rated for 3.5A. Can be powered ...


How to make a 12v 20w Led Light continuous use of 15 hours

In this video i will make a 12v-20w Led Light continuous use of 15 hours at Home, Hope you guys will enjoy this !!! How To Make Mini Spot Welder i Using in ...


DIY 9000 Lumens 100W LED Flashlight Mounted in PC Power Supply

Creative Channel

DIY HomeMade - How to make a 100W 9000 Lumens SuperBright LED Flashlight Mounted In PC Power Supply - I am using 36volt 9000 Lumen 100W LED ...


How To Make 12V 50W Led Flashlight

In This Video I Am Going To Show You How To Make 12V 50W Led Flashlight. Subscribe To Apna Creative Idea By Clicking The Link ...


DIY 5V Super Bright Flashlight from Luxeon LED

VN Tech

In today's video I want to show you how to make 5v flashlight from luxeon LED ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music By NCS: Track 1: Jim ...


DIY: 100W LED Flashlight Mounted In PVC Pipe

Well Done Tips

In this video I'll be making super bright 100W LED flashlight in PVC pipe housing. Main parts bought online: - 100W LED COB chip:; - 100W ...


DIY 500W 12v LED flashlight step by step (DXF included)

Jeno Bambuz

List of materials: Step up converter: ...


How To Make Monster 100w LED Flashlight 10,000 Lumens With Huge Lenses

Impact DIY

How to make Monster 100w LED flashlight that can light the clouds with 12000 mah li-ion battery pack and huge double lenses. It may not be the biggest ...


How To Make LED Flashlight At Home The Easy Way.


How To Make LED Flashlight At Home The Easy WayHow To Make LED Flashlight At Home The Easy Way. Hi Guys, Today i gonna show you How to make a ...


1kW water cooled LED build - Part 1


Building 1kW water cooled LED lighting modules for high-speed video lighting. This video covers the initial prototype build and test, temperature and light ...


How to make a very cheap & easy 12V 10W LED Light at home

This is a very cheap LED light, can be easily made at home. you can use it in different places. if you have any question about the project, feel free to write in ...


How To Make 10 Watt LED Torch Light from Old Light


How To Make 10 Watt LED Torch Light Cover songs collected from NCS youtube channel: Song 1: ...


Diy Monster, 15 x 10w LED Strip Overkill

We ordered 15 10W LEDs from ebay for our 30cm long heatsink to see how bright can a 150W LED strip can get, and its blindingly powerfull... Please support ...


DIY LED Flashlight 50W

King Minhvuong

List buy Material: -Led 50w white: -Module Boot DC-DC 15OW: -Aluminium 3mm -Optical Led Glassan + Fan 12-24v ...


3W white Led chip beads 3v-12v 170 Lumen Emitting Test

E3mir No


How to make 24W rechargeable LED Flashlight Super Bright Light

American Tech

How to make 24W rechargeable LED Flashlight Super Bright Light Related Videos 1. How to make DC motor at home , homemade electric motor easy ...


DIY USB Extreme Bright LED Light | LifeHack

Hello YouTube Today i'm going to Show You How to make a Extreme Bright USB LED Light My New Channel - If You Have Any Question ...


DIY Compact 100W flashlight 10,000 Lumens Max

K R A L Y N 3D

This is a project that I have been working on for some time. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. ( : WARNING: DO NOT look into the LED at close range when ...