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DIY Circular Saw Crosscut and Router Jig

DIY Creators

I recently got my hands on a new circular saw, so I made a crosscut jig to get the most out of it. This is the third time I've built one and it's super handy to have in ...


How to Use a Dremel Ultra Saw


Leah demonstrates how to use a Dremel Ultra Saw to cut metal and laminate, and to do surface prep. She also shows how to make a flush cut with this saw.


HILDA Mini Hand Circular Saw || [ UNBOXING ] #1

Mistry MakeTool

Visit My Official Website :- HILDA JD3522C 500W Electric Mini Circular Saw Power Saw Hand Circular Saw for Wood Power Tool ...


Dremel Saw-Max | The Home Depot

The Home Depot

The Dremel Saw-Max reinvents cutting as you know it. Powerful enough to cut through virtually any material and simple enough to control with one hand.


Homemade table saw with built in router and inverted jigsaw 3 in 1

Sean Beardon

Hi this is my take on a homemade table saw, router table and inverted jigsaw, I built all 3 into the same table to save on space I am very pleased with the results ...


Homemade Panel Saw From Pipes And Castors -- Every Workshop Should Have One!

Panel saws are great for cutting up big 8 x 4 sheets of plywood or chipboard or mdf or whatever. They cost thousands to buy though, so I made this one a few ...


Sharpen Saw Blades Yourself At home!

Sharpen Saw blades.


Hand Cutting Board With 42 Inch Handsaw


How long does it take to cut a 54 inch African Sumac board from a log with a Curtis 42 inch handsaw? I try to use an adze for the first time to flatten the top of the ...


Mini Jig Saw - Cut Tabs Fast!


Even small CNC projects require a lot of tab cutting. Using a hand saw or feeding the work through the scroll saw is tiresome and slow. Standard sized jig saw ...


How it's made hand saw

De vervaardiging van een handzaag.


How to Make a Hand Saw | Wood Cutter

ideas corner

How to Make a Hand Saw | Wood Cutter. powerful wood cutting saw.


From Saw Blade To Knife | Cleaver

Made a cleaver out of an old woodworking circular saw blade. These old blades are all made of decent tool steel that can be hardened to a decent degree (this ...


DIY Homemade Dremel (Hand Mini Circular Saw)

Today will show you how to make homemade dremel or mini circular saw. This DIY dremel tutorial video is using some cheap or used materials that ...


How to Choose and Use a Jig Saw

This Old House

Watch the full episode: Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows the ...


How To Make Drill Powered Table Saw | Adjustable & Portable | Drill Machine Powerful Saw

The Mastermind

Homemade Drill Powered Table Saw - Adjustable | HeavyDuty | Portable (with wireless drill machine) - 1080p HD Things You need: 0: Safity B4 everything 1: A ...


6 Woodworking tips & tricks for beginners

DIY Creators

I am planning to create a woodworking course to help you build step by step. I need your input to make it something that would be truly useful to you. If you're ...


Garden see-saw water feature | How to make

Garden see-saw water feature fountain | How to make Water-fueled see-saw with PVC "men", working by the heaviness of the water in the high side of the ...


How to sharpen your circular saw blades, the easy way.

Do you have a pile of dull circular saw blades sitting around? This is what you need to do to make them like new again.


DIY Circular Saw Track Saw Guide | Limited Tools

Modern Builds

Today I'll show you how to make an MDF jig that turns your circular saw into a fully functioning Track Saw. You don't need any expensive tools.. in fact all you ...


Making a bow saw

Mr. Chickadee

The making of a traditional wooden bowsaw with hand tools.