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How to make a foldable shop stool

Check out this prototype for a folding stool made with simple tools! Subscribe to my channel: Sponsored by QALO: ...


The Foldable Stool - [Custom DIY]

Jordan Studdard

A custom plywood stool for my workshop that ended up being cheap and easy to make. By using some scrap plywood and a couple hinges I was able to throw ...


Folding Stool

Sumo's Projects

For my first project I have made a simple folding stool, something that you can make in a short time. This is my first effort of recording a project for YouTube and I ...


How to make a Folding Stool Part 1

Laney Shaughnessy

This is Part 1 of how to build a Simple Folding Stool. This stool stands 24 inches tall and can be used in the shop, home or on the go. folding the stool allows for ...


Wooden Folding Stool

RPG Woodworking

Here's a project you can easily do in just a few hours. It folds flat so you can take it anywhere and store it just as easily. Special thanks to Steve Ramsey at ...


Neat Folding Stool

The Workshop

This chair was a pain to make. Wait unitl you have a drill press to save loads of time and your wrist. Other than that I really like how it came out. If you have any ...


E-Z Foldz 300lb Folding Shop Stool Review

Catus Maximus

Here's a review of the B&R Plastics 1016R fiberglass reinforced nylon small folding shop step stool it is actually rated for quite a bit of weight and really will last a ...


✨🌔 Folding Camp Stool 🏕🌲✨


I found a cute set of folding camp stools a while back and I've been wanting to make a similar set with some minor changes. They are surprisingly comfortable!


How to Build a Folding Stool - Saturday Morning Workshop

Family Handyman

Build a few of these folding camping stools in an afternoon and take them out to sit around the campfire the next day. Project Details: ...


Shopbuilt - Metal/wood stool


This week I build a stool out of metal and wood. It is kind of a modern design but i think it looks pretty cool! All the welding id done with a TIG welder and the ...


One hour shop stool

This is my one hour shop stool made with scrap wood laying around. __ ...


Building Swing Out Stools + Three Legged Stools

April Wilkerson

Go to and and use code APRIL to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free. Protect yourself online today! Thank you ...


Shop Stool: Build your woodworking skills with this basic technique.

Download my FREE GUIDE to setting up a shop for under $1000 ▻▻ ................................ This shop stool is one a great project to really learn ...


Folding Plywood Stool | A SUPER Functional Project

Tyler G

After several years of woodworking I have yet to have a chair or stool in my shop...but that changed today! This is a simple stool made from some scraps of ...


Folding Bar Stools.- The Options available


CLICK THIS LINK: FOLDING BARSTOOLS Our Folding Barstools come in two Seat heights - 65 ...


Most Compact Foldable Chair. Outdoor portable folding stool

Most Compact Foldable Chair. Most Compact Foldable Chair. Outdoor portable folding stool. Checkout Ultimate Travel Pillow also: ...


Wooden Stool

Wesley Inglis

A wooden stool made from european beech and jarrah. Thanks for watching and please share! T-SHIRTS:


Make a folding step stool

A quick woodworking project using free wood I picked up off Craigslist. It's a neat little folding stool. Check Craigslist daily in your area: there are often people ...


DIY - Plywood Folding Stool | Easy Woodworking Project | Izzy Swan

izzy swan

Check out this fun portable Carry Along Stool i made with half inch plywood. Plans - My Links - website ...


DIY : Folding Step Stool stool

Make a folding step stool DIY step stool tutorial Video: Folding step stool from TheWoodDaddy (CC BY 3.0) This step stool design is ...