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DiResta: Cube Twist Drawer Pull


In this video you can see me make what is called a “cube twist” drawer pull. It is a simple technique often demonstrated by blacksmiths to make handles and ...


How to forge wavy twist decor.


Check out my Instagram: Tutorial video for blacksmiths.


Forging Fridays EP: 28 Cube Twist (rubik twist)

Dirty Smith

Dirty Smith forging a cube twist, aka Rubik Twist. Also introduced the forum Have something to say? Now is the time! Stay, sub and ...


Blacksmithing - making a rustic, hand hammered drawer pull

Glen GS Tongs

This is one method I use to make a purely hand forged drawer pull. I appreciate the support and will continue to try and improve my content. Thanks.


pineapple,cube,groove/double and crocodile skin twist with rail spikes

CG Smithing

Heres a few basic twists with what i had in my shop..rail spikes Email : Instagram : @cg_smithing.


Blacksmithing - Diresta Inspired Cube Twist Ice pick

Make N' Create

Thank you for all the wonderful hours of content Jimmy Thanks for Watching! This video is copyrighted and my property and cannot be used or redistributed or ...


make your own metal handles and pulls easily

tim sway

when i made the library suite (my last two videos) i didn't want to settle for looking at store-bought hardware, so i made my own. it's easy. you can too! be good, ...


Frontier Forge - Hand Forged Copper Plated Drawer Pull

Frontier Forge

In this video, I hand forge a drawer pull/cabinet handle, and then copper plate it. I use a little bit different starting stock, 3/16" by 1/2" flat bar. This was not my best ...


Making steel key chains / fobs!


Buy them here! : Follow me on Facebook -- ...


Forging a Braided Twist handle

Black Bear Forge

A braided twist handle looks complicated and intricate. But once you know the secret, it is really quite easy. So today, join my in the blacksmith shop while we ...


How to Make a Pineapple Twist (Blacksmith Technique)

Want to know how to make a pineapple twist in metal bar? This unique blacksmith technique creates a very cool effect! You can use it in handles and an ...


Twisted Wire Pendants and Drawer Pulls

George Goehl

Picking up where we left off: Twisted Copper / 3 easy steps. Designs for pendants and some drawer pulls. A few hours work and ...


DIY DRAWER PULLS (manual bending of 1/4" round bars for drawer handles)

As you can see, I'm not a very good vlogger. I'll try my best in future videos to be more detailed in my projects. Thanks for watching!


Door pull from a forged angle iron wrap

Voo Doo Tennessee

Using the piece form the angle iron twist/wrap video we forge and fabricate, mostly fabricate, a simple door pull! The how to twist/wrap video is here ...


Blacksmithing Making the Cube Twist Letter Opener (Uncut)

Hammered Smithy

Here I am making one of my favorite items: the cube twist letter opener. It isn't a sharp knife, but it is beautiful and a great gift. If you would like to purchase one ...


Rubik Twist Tutorial

JR Wood & Metal

Hey Guy's & Girl's. Back again, with another Blacksmithing Video, this is an interesting one for sure, i saw this a couple of Month's back on a Jimmy DiResta ...


Making drawer pulls on the table saw

Matthias Wandel

Making simple wooden drawer pulls on the table saw.


Blacksmithing - Forging a drawer handle


Making a very simple but elegant style of drawer handle from scrap metal (1/2" rebar). I used scrap metal because it forces me to give the finished project a ...


Customized Drawer Pull (MonkWerks)

Call it a hack or a hack job ... in this video I show how to take a cheap drawer pull from the hardware store and make a one of a kind (or two or three or however ...


Afternoon quickie: handling the handle

Matt Nowk

Inspired by Jimmy's "Cube Twist Drawer Pull" I forged a handle for hayrack door. Making the door I used generic stamped metal handle. In first attempt my forged ...