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How to make Chains from Soda Can Tabs

Turn your soda can tabs into an awesome aluminum chains! What you do with them is completely up to you! Some quick links to a few of the materials I used: ...


DIY Pop Tab Chain Mail


I got this idea from Here's the link :


10 Amazing Jewelry Crafts Using Soda Can Tabs - Do It, Gurl Do It, Gurl "10 Amazing Jewelry Crafts Using Soda Can Tabs" Jamie is here with ten different ways that you can take pop and soda can tabs ...


DIY Pop Tab Chainmail Part 1

Josephine Maria

This is the first half of a tutorial for DIY Chainmail. It will show you how to prep the pop tabs. For the second half: Please post any ...


Easy Pop Tab Bracelets DIY (thanks to Bird Keeper Toby)

Red Ted Art

Take a peak at these fantastic Ring Pull or Pop Tab Bracelets. Such a cool recycled craft that costs pennies to make. The fabulous Toby at Bird Keeper Toby ...


how to make a chain out of tabs from soda cans


how to make a chain out of tabs from soda cans.

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Cool Things To Do With Soda Tabs


How To Make Chains From Soda Can Tabs

Vishnu Soman

How To Make Chains From Soda Can Tabs..its easy watch and learn how to make a cool chain using soda can tabs.


DIY: Spring Necklace made with aluminum can pop tabs

ErikaCreativa I made this necklace with the square pop tabs because I had several of those and ...


DIY Soda can: How to make a necklace with soda can tabs and inner bicycle tube

This tutorial shows your how to make a necklace with an inner tube of a bicycle and soda can tabs. We hope you like out video. Materials used: 24 Soda can ...


Soda Tab Tensioner Hack

A soda can tab solves a simple challenge on our camping trip. Endcard Links: Dry Ice Hot Springs: Bottle Blasters (Exploding ...


Creative Crafts Idea with Soda Can Tabs DIY | Best Out Of Waste

Vcrafts TV

Creative Crafts Idea with Soda Can Tabs DIY #DIY#Crafts#lifehack Have fun and don't forget to subscribe:! Like our Facebook Page: ...


Soda Can Tabs Crafts Ideas

Mary Tardito

This video is about things to do with soda tabs. Get inspired to make your own recycled soda can tabs crafts with these ideas. 1. Recycled pop tab bowl idea. 2.


DIY chains from soda can tabs

My Creations

Today learn how to make a chains from soda can tabs . If you like a video please like a video and subscribe for my channel.


5 Easy Pop Tab Life Hacks!

Paul Pyro

Everyone has those little pop tabs and today I will show you 5 incredible life hacks that you can do with them! (This is my first life hack video, so criticism is ...


How to make a chain out of soda tabs

dial tribe

This is a simple tutorial on how to make a metal chain out of soda tabs. This is the first time I have ever made a video, so it is very sloppy and experimental.


Melting 2500 Aluminum Soda Can Tabs! Part 1 of 4: Not my finest work...


We spilled a little! but no worries, we can always remelt, and recast! In the next part, we will start on the bags of cans!


Will A Soda Tab Catch Fish IRL?

Could it really be that simple? Can you actually catch a Fish with a Soda Tab? Special thanks to the people working the Tahitian Village at the PCC that ran out ...


How to Make Chain From Soda Can Taps


Hello Guys I hope the video was useful to you, And I tried to make it as simple & clear as possible. if you enjoyed the video give it a Thumps up & if you want ...


Soda Pop Tab Chainmail Tutorial