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How to make a bicycle sidecar

2 years ago 121 Studio

How to build a sidecar for a bicycle.


Laura´s Bicycle Sidecar

1 year ago Laura Kampf

This week I build a sidecar for my bike! I had support from Lincoln Electric for the build - thanks guys!! I like to use my bike as much ...


Bicycle Sidecar DIY Build Schwinn Green Machine

3 years ago Derrick Braden

I made this sidecar with some store bought supplies and all of free salvaged items. I hope you enjoy!


how to make a sidehack

9 years ago james otty

This was a little side project was never fully completed but it worked well, make sure to make strong welds and not make it too heavy.


Homemade Sidecar for Bicycle

This was made so a person in a wheelchair could be taken on a bike ride.


Bicycle Sidecar and Trailer Build...

8 years ago Gothtecdotcom

Spent a couple of lovely sunny days building this. Did it because I wanted to see how a sidecar worked and how it felt to ride. This is due to buying one for my ...


Handmade Sidecar bicycle (សុីក្លូ)

11 months ago Doctor KLOBIL


Motorized bicycle with sidecar part 3

5 months ago Mike Raia

Filipino style sidecar bike with motor.


Home made Bicycle sidecar (Sydrick)

5 years ago Jon Bon Jovi

Home made Bicycle sidecar (Sydrick)


homemade leaning bicycle sidecar

2 years ago Bob Walton

There is a later video of the SideBike here... If you might be interested in buying a SideBike, email me on ...


Motorized bicycle with sidecar part 1

7 months ago Mike Raia

Sidecar for motorized bike.


Sidecarrier Bicycle Trailer - Chariot Carriers

9 years ago Chariotcarriers

The Sidecarrier is a unique product for Chariot. It allows an unobstructed view for your child of the road ahead while you ride side-by-side.


Cargo Bike Build Project

1 year ago Blake Thomas

I built a cargobike in my garage.


Diy bike trailer

I made this bicycle trailer out of scrap 1" square steel tube for the trailer body frame and bike hitch and 1 1/2" round steel tube for the tongue. The tires and ...


10 Custom Built side hack bicycles for Red Bull promotion 2009

5 years ago Anthony Domingo

In 2009 Red Bull commissioned me the task of supplying not just one old school sidehack but TEN, painstaking detail went into these bikes all 10 identical.


DIY Beer Keg Sidecar

1 week ago Laura Kampf

Thank You Lincoln Electric and Urban Drivestyle for supporting this project. Visit them at and This ...


DIY Racecar Sidecar

1 week ago Raven and Gear

DIY Racecar bicycle sidecar out of repurposed parts.


bicycle sidecar (homemade)

8 years ago gene Teneza


SideCar Instructions

6 years ago xtracycleinc

How to install an Xtracycle SideCar! Three important details that didn't make into the video: The expander wedge should be threaded onto the bolt so that its ...


BMX bike with sidecar (sidehack)

3 years ago Mike N.

My BMX bike with a side car on the side! This was not a kit I got the bike like this! Hope you enjoy..please like subscribe and comment!!! Thanks!!