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Making A Marking Gauge

An easy to make marking guage. It uses commonly available parts and materials. This one is made from maple and sumac. Project details: ...


I Make a Beautiful $100* Walnut Marking Gauge | Hand Tool Build Off 2017

1 year ago The HandToolery

this video has made about $100 in ad revenue, which is why I say this in the title. PLANS AVAILABLE! Get the plans here: ...


3 Easy to Make Homemade Woodworking Marking Gauges (Mortise/Cutting)

2 years ago Stumpy Nubs



make a marking gauge

2 years ago Young Je


Making a Simple Marking Gauge

6 years ago Laney Shaughnessy

After last weeks Project "The Dovetail Jewelry Box" A viewer prompted me to make a marking gauge, since I made reference to not having one in the shop when ...


Make a Marking Gauge

2 years ago GarageWoodworks

I made a marking gauge from walnut and cherry scrap. Quick and easy! Hardware: Point: #8-32 x 1.5" stainless 'socket cap screw' from Home Depot. Thumb ...


Make a marking gauge

1 year ago Michal Kadlec

Hi, in my new DIY episode I decided to make a solid steel marking gauges for my metal working projects. Unfortunatelly I do not have a lathe, so I decided for ...


How to make a Marking Gauge

1 year ago Jeff Baker

Here's a simple marking gauge to help you with your project layout. Its more accurate than a pencil line, and easy to make. If you enjoyed this video, please give ...


How to Make a Poor Man’s Beading & Marking Tool | Paul Sellers

2 years ago Paul Sellers

In this video, Paul shows how to make a simple tool which he has been using all his working life. This screw in a block can be used as a beading tool or a ...


Make a Wood Scribe Marking Tool

2 years ago Giaco Whatever

Today I made a simple woodworking scriber, gauge or marking tool depending on how you call it... Pretty easy to make, You don't have to make the brass bold ...


How to Make a Marking Gauge

This is the first in a series of toolmaking episodes I'm going to be doing in the coming months. I've had a lot of requests for these topics, so I'm going to be doing ...


Titemark vs. Veritas Marking Gauge | Tool Duel #4

1 year ago Matt Estlea

Another common comparison I have to make at Axminster is the difference between the Titemark marking gauge, and the Veritas Marking Gauge. Is the Titemark ...


164 - How to Use Marking Gauges

Original post on our site with additional information, plans, questions & comments: If you're not using ...


Making a Marking Gauge

In the middle of another project I realised I needed a marking guage so I had a root around my workshop and found a few pieces of reclaimed mahogany, some ...


Making a Marking Gauge

3 years ago Garage workshop

If you would like to help me out ( you don't have to ) I'm on patreon : In this video I make a marking gauge from a ...


The Homemade Marking Knife: A woodworking layout tool

2 years ago JDCD Design

This is a video i put together showing the process of me making my own marking knife. If you enjoyed the video please hit that like button, or share it with your ...


Homemade Marking Gauge - Scrapwood Challenge ep22

3 weeks ago Pask Makes

I needed a better marking gauge so I decided to make one. Go to to get started on your Wix website today! Check out my new site ...


Making a Marking Gauge -046

2 years ago McCauley's Design

In this video I made a simple marking gauge. Visit my website: Support McCauley's Design: ...


How to Make a Panel Marking Gauge

My old panel marking gauge was getting kind of worn out. So I decided to make a new one that should last at least the rest of my life. If you'd like to build one for ...


How to Make a Japanese Kebiki (Marking Gauge)

I needed a marking gauge, so I thought, why not make one?