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Home made double disc sander for under $5!

2 years ago Mark Susak

To clear up any confusion regarding the costs involved This video is --a detailed build of how I made it for under $5. Costs to make one for yourself may vary ...


Upgrading a 20 Year old Bench Grinder (Pt.2)

6 months ago Alex 2Q

Hi there, I didn't have time for a full project video but had to complete some work in the workshop. One thing was another modification to my bench grinder to ...


SIMPLE and CHEAP ; Disc Sander out of SCRAP ; Diy

1 year ago MILIC DIY

I had an old el. engine and some metal waste, part from cable spool and I decide to make disc sander. I cleaned the el. engine. Checked the electricity Made a ...


Make A Motor Powered Grinding Machine || Homemade Grinder || Part 1

3 months ago Mistry MakeTool

Hello Friends, Today I Make a Metal Grinding Machine Using A 0.5 HP Motor And Arbour Grinder Thada. Also I Will Make A Part 2 Of This Video. In Part 2 I Will ...


Belt Grinder Build From Scrap Workout Bench And Treadmill Motor

2 years ago mikemanmade

This video is my 2x72 belt grinder build from an old workout bench, scrap, and a treadmill motor and parts. I tried to make this as portable and adjustable as I ...


Home Made Disk Sander From Food Processor With Your Hands

1 year ago Victor Maker

Home made Disk Sander - A manual for making a Disk Sander from a food processor with your own hands. The food processor is also called a KITCHEN ...


Building a Disc Sander (cheap and simple)

6 years ago Cosmas Bauer

You can support me via: Patreon: Amazon: ...


Watch What Happens When This Bench Grinder is Turned On

1 year ago seejanedrill

Leah unboxes and tests the 8" Harbor Freight Bench Grinder/Buffer. If our videos have been helpful to you, consider supporting us on Patreon: ...


Disc Sander - Make DIY Build

4 years ago Dave Wirth

Disc Sander (4" x 36" Belt 6" Disc Sander Belt/Disc): BLOG: ...


Make a Bench Grinder from an Old Washing Machine Motor

5 years ago syyenergy7

Make a Bench Grinder from an Old Washing Machine Motor. There are plenty of old washing machine motors that can be had for nothing. An old washing ...


DIY - Making A Disc Sander Out of Scrap

1 year ago The Redsmith

This week, I build a disc sander. This past year, my dad taught me a lot of metalworking techniques. I think I used them all for this build. I still have to practice ...


Disk Sander Homemade - 20'' Disc

2 years ago From The Wood

If you like what i do you can support me at: Disk Sander made with reclaimed material. Motor 2200W from Water pump.


Building a 12" Disc Sander from a furnace motor (WnW #12)

An experiment in seeing if I can make a functional disc sander out of a relatively "weak" 1/3 horsepower motor, and other free/scrap bits laying around the shop.


Making of the bench grinder disc sander

4 years ago P0tat07

Very simple build give it a try if you want. If you can, I recommend finding a cheap bench grinder that you can use as a dedicated disc sander to avoid having to ...


Awesome DIY Disc Sander. Part 1 of 2. Casting And Machining!

In this two part video series I will build a disc sander out of recycled materials such as some aluminum ingots I casted in a previous video, a really old washing ...


Homemade disc sander

4 years ago P0tat07

Powered by a bench grinder I built a disc sander. Works perfectly. Short video of how I built it to follow. Stay tuned.


How To Convert Your Bench Grinder to any atachments! {14}

How To Convert Your Bench Grinder to any atachments! {14}, This video explains how to convert a bench grinder to accept attachments and alternative wheels ...


DIY Belt Grinder 2x48" [PLANS]

11 months ago Made in Poland

If you would like to download plans for this project, click the blue "JOIN" button next to the SUBSCRIBE button :) Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I'll show ...


Building a Disc Sander

6 years ago Dave Gatton Building a 12" disc sander from scrap material in my shop.


Homemade Belt Grinder made from Trash DIY

2 years ago Made in Poland

Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I'll show you the homemade belt grinder made from trash DIY. All the things I found in the junkyard and cost me about ten ...