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Home made double disc sander for under $5!

Mark Susak

To clear up any confusion regarding the costs involved This video is --a detailed build of how I made it for under $5. Costs to make one for yourself may vary ...


SIMPLE and CHEAP ; Disc Sander out of SCRAP ; Diy


I had an old el. engine and some metal waste, part from cable spool and I decide to make disc sander. I cleaned the el. engine. Checked the electricity Made a ...


Upgrading a 20 Year old Bench Grinder (Pt.2)

Alex 2Q

Hi there, I didn't have time for a full project video but had to complete some work in the workshop. One thing was another modification to my bench grinder to ...


Building a Disc Sander (cheap and simple)

Cosmas Bauer

You can support me via: Patreon: Amazon: ...


Make A Motor Powered Grinding Machine || Homemade Grinder || Part 1

Mistry MakeTool

Hello Friends, Today I Make a Metal Grinding Machine Using A 0.5 HP Motor And Arbour Grinder Thada. Also I Will Make A Part 2 Of This Video. In Part 2 I Will ...


Disc Sander - Make DIY Build

Dave Wirth

Disc Sander (4" x 36" Belt 6" Disc Sander Belt/Disc): BLOG: ...


DIY - Making A Disc Sander Out of Scrap

The Redsmith

This week, I build a disc sander. This past year, my dad taught me a lot of metalworking techniques. I think I used them all for this build. I still have to practice ...


Making a disc sander


This video is a start to finish look at how I made my disc sander from scratch. At first it sounded like a fairly easy project, but as things usually go, it took a lot ...


JWS Makes: Homemade 22" Disc Sander

Jords Wood Shop

This week I make a 22″ disc sander out of scrap MDF, left over aluminium discs and an old lathe's headstock. For more woodworking related content visit and ...


How to make the disc sander SHAFT with bearings

In this video I make the driving shaft I will use to build a homemade disc sander. After the problems I had making the disc for the disc sander in my last video, ...


How to make a Drill Press Disc Sander


This SIMPLE attachment transforms a drill press into an excellent disc sander. A great solution for small shops! ▽▽▽ GET THE STUFF TO MAKE YOUR OWN ...


Homemade All In One Knife Grinder, Buffer, Lathe, Drill


In this video I show my homemade knife making too. It can be used as a disc grinder, buffer, simple lathe, and drill. Like all homemade machines, it is dangerous.


A Bench Grinder Restoration | MakerMan


i got the grinder from junkyard. it was missing a tool rest and was rested. a bit sanding and some paint gave it a new life in my workroom. See some of my other ...


Building a Disc Sander

Dave Gatton Building a 12" disc sander from scrap material in my shop.


Watch What Happens When This Bench Grinder is Turned On


Leah unboxes and tests the 8" Harbor Freight Bench Grinder/Buffer. If our videos have been helpful to you, consider supporting us on Patreon: ...


How To Convert Your Bench Grinder to any atachments! {14}

How To Convert Your Bench Grinder to any atachments! {14}, This video explains how to convert a bench grinder to accept attachments and alternative wheels ...


Building a Disc Sander and Belt Sander (Cheap) Homemade sander - zımpara makinesi yapımı

Sinan Keskin

How to make a disc and belt sander. (12 volt - DC motor) Building a Disc Sander and Belt Sander Homemade disc sander belt sander ev yapımı zımpara, ...


How to Build a Belt Sander using a Bench Grinder

Diy & Crafts

How to Build a Belt Sander using a Bench Grinder Credit: Nicolas GTZ -


Angle grinder attachment homemade metal grinder belt sander

Sean Beardon

This is my third angle grinder hack video, in this one I will show the how I built my Angle grinder belt sander attachment which is the bigger brother to my other ...


Disk Sander Homemade - 20'' Disc

From The Wood

If you like what i do you can support me at: Disk Sander made with reclaimed material. Motor 2200W from Water pump.