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How to make • 200W Ring-light 4 Video LED

3 years ago Rulof Maker

Stay Tuned on my FB PDF. immagine ...


How to make an AMAZING video ring-light for just $25

4 years ago DIY Perks

Ever wanted to get that glamour look in your videos, or have an amazing flattering light? Well, in this video I will show you how to make an LED ring light so that ...


How to make a cheap DIY Professional Led Ring Light with less than 15$ - Pt.2

TOO COMPLICATED? TRY THIS PRODUCT : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DONATIONS: ...


Powerfull 200W RedNeck Scuba Torch LED

1 year ago Rulof Maker

Donations: Patreon PayPal string shooter video : underwater xenon ...


DIY How to make a ring light for camera

2 years ago TechTube HD

I have used white bright LED strip lights...and trimmed 3 LED's for per strip...and connected in parallel ...I have used 12V battery for power, you can also use 12V ...


DIY LED Camera Ring Light

In this video i am going to show you how i made a battery powered LED ring light for my camera from some scrap i had lying around... Sorry for my broken ...


Make a super bright Light Box from LED TV for photography and filming #42

3 years ago markusfuller

in this video. I make a long light box from 485 white LEDs and then a Super Bright Light from an old LED / LCD Television. ideal for Photography and Filming.


GoPro Ring Light // How-To

Check out how I made a ring light for a GoPro with a Neopixel ring, a Pro Trinket and a 3d printed diffusion ring! Subscribe to my channel: BE ...


DIY LED Ring Light Under £20

2 years ago Chris Guess

How to build a LED ring light for under £20 Here are some led lights similar to the ones I have used: To see more of this type of content ...



2 years ago Hacktuber

Home made led ring for dslr cameras. Its made out white led stripe that i purchase from ebay 5$,dslr lens hood and power dc adapter that give 12v 2Amps.


DIY LED Ring Light Tutorial

2 years ago George Dutch

Here's a quick video on how I make my DIY ring lights that I'm using for my studio lighting. You can grab your parts at: The lightstand mount adapter everyone is ...


DIY: Construyendo un Led Ring Light, para que brilles en tus videos (Anillo de Luz) | JOE Works

1 year ago JOE Works

En este episodio les mostrare como hacer tú mismo estas luces para videos, con muy pocos materiales, un anillo de luz totalmente casero, para iluminar tus ...



3 years ago Ashlynn C

DIY RING LIGHT! It took less than a day, and 2 years later, it's still standing strong! ♡NEW! DIY LED LIGHT PANEL SOFTBOX♡ ...


How to make a super bright LED light panel

Here's how to make a super-bright LED light panel. It's equivalent to a 100w incandescent light bulb, and it's super useful for video work as it has a daylight ...


How to build a Ring Light - DIY Photography Tutorial

For building this ring light you will need: 1/2“ Ply 16 daylight balanced LED bulbs (3w or more) 16 baton Lamp holders 10m cable (1.5mm Flex) 13amp plug ...


How To Make A Super Bright LED Light Panel (Battery Powered)

Build article with more detail: The camera gantry build article: ...


Build Your Own 100W LED Video / Work Light DIY

1 year ago Gabe's Hacks

I'll show you how I built an inexpensive but powerful 100W light - mounted inside a PVC pipe - that I now use for lighting my videos. You can even use it as a ...


How to make a cheap DIY Professional Led Ring Light with less than 15$ - Pt.1

DONATIONS: -------------------------------------------...

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2 years ago Russell B


DIY Ring Light for Video and Pictures

2 years ago FleecefoxStudio

I started looking to buy a ring light and quickly noticed that the nice ones retail for over $200. Well that is a little more than I want to pay. In this video I show you ...