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How to make pipe clamps

Steven Larkin

How to make pipe clamps. Save money and make your own pipe clamps. How to save money. Woodshop. Wood shop ideas.


DIY toolmaking: pipe clamps from scrap material


I had scrap material at hand and wanted to see if I can put it to good use. I think I did so. Also, I wanted to practice welding. No fancy or special tools were ...


Shopmade Bar/Pipe clamp

Bellevue Woodshop

Shopmade barclamp made from 1" steel pipes and oak, and some other easy accessible items. Pdf plans are available: Sorry for ...


Woodworking tip # 1 - Save Money on Pipe Clamps

Social Wood Works

Woodworking tip # 1 - Save Money on Pipe Clamps 3/4" Irwin Pipe Clamp - 1/2" Irwin Pipe Clamp - Pipe clamps are ...


Amazing Home made Pipe Clamp

Mr. Deswal


Homemade long Bar clamps

HomeMade in Lviv


Pipe Clamp Workbench Vise - 210

Build article with diagrams: I haven't used my moxon vise in so long due ...


Making your own Hose Clamps for Experimental aircraft


Hose clamps are used in many areas of an Experimental Aircraft project: fuel lines, water hoses, oil hoses, etc. This video show a demonstration of a small tool ...


DIY Pipe Clamp

1 Like = 1 Smile Follow me on Instagram: For better video quality please donate on my PayPal: ...


Homemade Chimney Pipe Clamps


This is how I make chimney pipe clamps. These homemade clamps hold the pipes together a lot better than sheet metal screws and allow you to totally seal the ...


Amazing Home Made Pipe Clamp Amazing tools Make it Different

Amazing Home Made Pipe Clamp Amazing tools Make it Different.



Chevee Dodd

I built this workbench in 2013 and the one thing it's always been lacking was a vise. It's never had a vise of any kind attached... and I decided to change that.


Homemade PVC pipe clamp

dennis ranck

Homemade PVC pipe clamp.


Pipe clamp vise with removable clamps

Ethan Frei

I just wanted to show people my homemade vise for my woodworking workbench that uses pipe clamps. One nifty feature is that the pipe clamps can be ...


Diy Pipe Clamp- Alfre fai da te

Alfre Fai Da Te

Hello everyone, today I'll show you how I made a pipe clamp, it's very easy to realize as is usefull in the lab, I hope you like the video And, as always, TO THE ...


Sumner Pipe Clamps Ultra and Qwik Clamp for Pipes


Sumner Pipe Clamps Ultra and Qwik Clamp for Pipes : See the full line at toolfetch at: This video covers how to use the Sumner Pipe ...


Pipe Clamp

Pipe clamp formed from three pieces.


Grampo pipe clamp caseiro como fazer(DIY)

Odair Lucas Lucas

materiais contoneira de 1" 1\2 x 1\8 tubo de 3\4 tubo de 1\2 barra roscavél de1\2 porcas de 1\2.


Pipe Clamp Vise - Jay Bates Inspired

Joshua Luther

This is my Jay Bates inspired pipe clamp end vise for my Bench. I was also inspired to build my vise after watching Dema build his leg vise. Here are the links to ...


Pallet Wood Pipe Clamp Workbench Vise

Jackman Works

Pallet wood bench vise, it's what you've come to expect... Get the plans for the workbench & vise! Details! ▽ ▻ Full build ...