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John Deere 830 Special

5 years ago bigtractorpower

John Deere 830 Special working at the the 2013 Half Century of Progress Show.


John Deere Triple 830 Pulling - Three Tractors Hooked Together

5 years ago Diesel Videos

Don Duffner's triple 830 is a sight to see. Don Duffner farms several thousands of acres out west and until about 10 years ago he only used two cylinder tractors.


A walk around of Don Dufners John Deere 830 special tractor

8 years ago deerej80

Here is a video of Don Dufners 3-830 John Deere tractors hooked to gether.I took this video at the Greater Minnesota two cylinder club show in Little Falls ...


830 Special

9 years ago Michael Simons

This is Don Dufner's 830 Special (3 830's combined into a 6 wheel drive tractor) pulling a 10 bottom plow in 4th gear at the Hawk Museum's tractor show in ...


John Deere 830 pulling 33000# + 5 ton Mack 6X6 at Hallockville

7 years ago Gene Shepherd

Mack 6X6 pulling 33000# on sled + JD 830 back and forth at Hallockville fall festival Good time had by all.


John Deere 830 Diesel Rice Speical Community Antique Tractor Pullers Monroe WI 7/20/13

5 years ago hawkrs50


1959 john deere 830 pull

5 years ago procharged496

Pulling the rice special at the local fair.


John Deere 4020 Powershift and a John Deere 830

2 years ago Grahame

John Deere 4020 Powershift with a John Deere 145H five furrow plough followed by a John Deere 830 with a John Deere 77H five furrow plough.


830 John Deere and 5 bottom plow

9 years ago farmnboy49

Plowing corn stalks in Sac County Iowa.


1959 john deere 830 dyno

5 years ago procharged496

dyno at the local dealership.


John Deere 830 Diesel Plowing

1 year ago Dan Beske

This is a video of my Dad's John Deere 830 Diesel. Footage taken late August, 2016, in Hitterdal, MN.


1959 John Deere 830 Rice Special

5 years ago procharged496

Latest project almost done, not going to paint or I'll lose the patina look that I like. Tractor was originally shipped to Hazen AR.


John Deere Tandem 830 Articulated Pull

1 year ago Rainhill1829

Putting the heavy 830 tandem to work doing exactly what it was designed to do. The sled doesn't stand a chance. This John Deere 830 tandem Munroe hitch ...


John Deere 830 Tractors Plowing a Field in Charlotte, Michigan

2 years ago Machinery Pete

The Williams brothers, Marshall and Dodge, plowing with their John Deere 830 tractors (one with a cab) in Charlotte, MI.


John Deere 830 and 80 Plowing

8 years ago Retro Ryan

Plowing with a John Deere 80 and 830 in Lodi township.


John Deere 830 triple tractor pull Half Century of Progress 2013

5 years ago Ruth DB

This John Deere 830 special was at the Half Century of Progress Show 2013 in Rantoul, IL. Here it is pulling at the tractor pull on Saturday night of the show.


1959 John Deere 830 Dynamometer

6 years ago JdRolfdeerePI

John Deere 830 on the Dynamometer 08/19/12.


Heavyweight John Deere 830 tractor pull

10 years ago 5litremania

Watch as this close to 15000 pound 830 drags the sled out the end in this demonstration pull.


1959 John Deere 830 Industrial

6 years ago Delhotal Farms

1959 John Deere 830 Industrial electric start, starts and runs great, just a really nice tractor all around. 1 of 81 made! It is currently for sale.


Starting John Deere 830

9 years ago Anders Ekelund

Starting up a John Deere 830 from 1958.