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Clamp Rack Version 2 - 257

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Quick Clamp Rack 036

Tyler G

For those of us that have a few clamps laying around the shop it can be a real pain in the neck to dig through a pile to get to to the clamp you want while ...


How to Make the Ultimate Clamp Rack for only $10.00!

Eric Lindberg

This week I'm making "the ultimate clamp rack" for only $10.00. For this project, you only need 1 sheet of 3/4" plywood that is 2'x4' long. I would like to give a ...


Woodworking clamp storage and organization

Download my FREE GUIDE to setting up a shop for under $1000 ▻▻ Here are a few methods for storing clamps in your shop. Download ...


How to Make a Quick and Easy Clamp Rack

In this video I'll show you how to make a quick and easy clamp rack. These quick and simple clamps racks take about 20 minutes to make and pay big dividends ...


How To Make A Bar Clamp Rack

Use up some wasted space in your shop with this simple bar clamp rack! Matt Lane's Clamp Rack- Steve ...


Space Saving Parallel Clamp Rack | DIY Build Plans

Build a Space Saving Clamp Rack to hold all your parallel, bar, and pipe clamps. Holds up to 36 Parallel Clamps and make it from 1/2 sheet of plywood!


French Cleat Tool Storage Wall and Clamp Rack | How To Build - Woodworking

I converted my crappy pegboard wall into a french cleat tool storage wall, complete with a french cleat clamp rack. This project took a little less than two days to ...


How To Build A Wood Clamp Rack With Safety Features

Visit: Discover how to build a wood clamp rack with safety ...


How to make a clamp rack easy and simple

How to make a very simple clamp rack, to keep my cheap metallic clamps in order. It is easy to make and I can put a lot of these clamps in it. Watch how to make ...


DIY Universal Clamp Rack -- Woodworking

Michael Alm

In this video, learn to build a universal clamp rack for your shop. This rack fits pipe clamps, F-Clamps, quick grips, bar clamps, squeeze clamps, and hand screws ...


How To Make A Pipe Clamp Storage Rack

Carpenter and builder Rob Robillard from demonstrates How To Make A Pipe Clamp Storage Rack. Read article for details ...


10 Minute Clamp Rack

Pask Makes

Since making my bar clamps a couple of months ago they have been in my way. They have been moved from one surface to another or been kicking around the ...


Woodworking Clamp Rack // EASY // DIY

In this video I will show you how to make very easy woodworking clamp racks very quickly and with minimal materials. Welcome back to my channel. I have been ...


Simple Clamp Rack Build

Donny Carter

I built a simple clamp rack to store my F-style clamps. This is a simple project made from a small amount of material. Enjoy! Please visit ...


The Clamp Rack - A Woodworker's Must Have || Free Plans

This video covers the making of my new clamp rack. It houses both my F-Style Clamps and Parallel Clamps. it is made entirely from Scrap plywood, and pocket ...


Making a Simple Clamp Rack

A simple clamp rack that you can also make with limited tools. TOOLS WE USE: BOSH 18V IMPACT DRIVER: ...


DIY Adjustable Clamp Rack

John Malecki

In this video I build an adjustable clamp rack to hold my large variety of woodworking clamps. Yea, ADJUSTABLE. I constantly run into issues with having lots of ...


Making a clamp rack - simple DIY woodworking

Essential workshop project - adding a dead simple clamp shelf or rack to the shop to help organize my tools.


DIY Woodworking Project: Building a Hinged Clamp Rack


Tyson Moore uses his Amana Tool® carbide tipped Thin Kerf Saw Blade, General Purpose Saw Blade, Prestige Dado Stack Set, Corner Round Router Bit, ...