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How to make a wooden box - 269

I recently made a few wooden boxes to give out as Christmas gifts. Hope you enjoy the video and are able to learn something new. Build article: ...


Making a Simple Wooden Storage Box | A Woodworkweb woodworking video


In this video I show you how to build a simple wood box. Making a DIY storage boxes from construction grade plywood is fun, easy to do and in no time you can ...


How to make a very simple wooden frame

In this woodworking video I make a simple wooden frame. And I use screws and carpenters glue to joint all the pieces together. So this is a very simple way to ...


How to make a Plywood Storage Box


In this video I will be doing be making this beautiful Plywood Storage box. This is a simple build and can be made very easily with limited tools! Thanks for ...


how to build a wooden gift box - Christmas Series #4

how to build a wooden gift box. This gift box is built to hold a small computer I got for my daughter for Christmas. Its made from cherry, Walnut and Mahogany.


Make a Dovetail Box in 12 Minutes -- WOOD magazine

WOOD magazine

Through dovetail joints are as beautiful as they are strong, and work great for all kinds of casework, including drawers. In this video, WOOD magazine's Bob ...


How to Make a Wooden Cubby | Great Storage Project!

Eric Lindberg

This week my neighbor asked me if I could make a wooden cubby and I thought that'd be a perfect project for this channel. So I go to work and came up with this ...


$23 DIY Planter Box


Get your free 7 day trial to Audioblocks! Learn how to build a great looking Planter Box with less than $23 of ...


How To Build A Storage Chest | Indoor | Great Home Ideas

Great Home Ideas

Join Peter as he shows you how to build a basic storage chest. Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, the destination for all your DIY, Food, Garden, ...


How to build a DOCK BOX

Cottage Life

Need more storage for your dock? Wayne Lennox provides a simple plan for a dock box. Subscribe to Cottage Life on YouTube: DIY ...


Build a storage chest from reclaimed wood

DIY Montreal

In this DIY video, I'll show you how to build a storage chest from reclaimed wood. Call it a hope chest, pallet wood trunk, wooden chest, rustic blanket chest, ...


full build - making plywood boxes for 12 inch vinyl records


turning a sheet of plywood into four vinyl record storage/transport boxes.


Building a Wooden Box Super Easy (and table saw kickback)

Dieter Schneider

Building a wooden box does always take some time no matter what method you use. I found this super simple way to make small to meduim boxes. You only ...


How to Build a Wood Crate out of 2x4's: Mine Holds Hockey Pucks!

Eric Lindberg

In this video, I show you how to build a wood crate. I use mine for holding hockey pucks and it works great! I hope you guys enjoyed it and check me out on ...


How To Build : Wooden Box

Max Rohde

Building a wooden box out of Selfmade Lumber.


How To Make A Wooden Box

adam fleisch

In this video I show you how to make a wooden box. But just not any wooden box, one that looks like it was wrapped by a professional. Using my miter saw, table ...



Way Woodworking

How to build a simple storage box with a perfect fitting lid. This box is a single glue-up with a cut-off lid. I show you how to add banding to the lid which allows it to ...


Woodworking Projects for Kids: How to Build a Box

In this video, Jack and Drew demonstrate how to build a box. Building a box helps sharpen the fundamental skills needed to build more complex woodworking ...


How to build a Wooden Storage Case

Jeff Baker

Here's a cool wooden storage case I made as a gift. Its made from white oak with purple heart accents. I really like the color combination between the 2 species ...


Building a wooden box

Matthias Wandel Building a milk-crate inspired wooden box.