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DIY Silent Air Compressor make of fridge motor

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Homemade silent air compressor


This is my homemade air compressor using a refrigerator motor and a empty propane bottle :) It charges up to 8bar even though i have it set to stop at 7bar, ...


How to Build Ultra Quiet Refrigerator Air Compressor: Silent Homemade Shop set up step by step

Eric Strebel

How to build an Ultra Quiet Indoor Home made Shop compressor from a Refrigerator Compressor. I show you step by step how to build the compressor from ...


Homemade silent air compressor


My homemade compressor using two fridge freezer compressors.


How to make Homemade Silent Air Compressor from old Refrigerator’s Compressor



Silent Air Compressor (DIY)

Sek Austria

Project no.38 Make your own Silent Air Compressor fridge compressor is the main part of this project which i got from a water dispenser. the propane tank was ...


DIY Silent Air Compressor (40 liters) - Sessiz çalışan 40 litrelik hava kompresörü yapımı

Sinan Keskin

I built a professional air compressor with a refrigerator motor and a LPG tank. I think it's functional and nice. I hope you like it too. ------ Buzdolabı motoru ve bir ...


Homemade silent air compressor


The air compressor is a very handy tool in the workshop, but the noise that the motor makes when the air tank fills up is a problem, so if you don't need a big ...


Homemade silent air compressor made by BIZDIK

ulaş Kaya

hobitutkunları için yapmış olduğum kompresörün tanıtımı..


Homemade Silent air compressor Twin motor Update !!

In this video i install a second refigerator motor on my silent air compressor in order to have my air tank full faster and have the ability airpaint with it becouse ...


How to Build a Silent Air Compressor for FREE

Jewelry RV Me

You don't have to pay $2000.00 for a silent air compressor. I am going to show you how to build one for free.


Homemade silent air compressor fridge form salvaged parts.

Jeffrey Mays

home made silent air compressor made from repurposed components I found at a local scrap metal yard, things I needed where a fridge compressor and an air ...


This Air Compressor is Quiet!


This air compressor is the quietest unit I have ever used the my shop! Also check out Don't forget to check out our cooking channel at ...


How to make a Silent Air Compressor DIY

Just Make It

How to make Homemade Sand Blaster and sand blaster Cabinet from old Fridge and air compressor tank Bearing Puller ...


How to build a silent air compressor for under $20. DIY


This is a short video of how to build a super silent air compressor using parts from a old dumped fridge and air compressor. It can be used at night to airbrush ...


silent air compressor build

Bison Workshop


DIY How to make Silent Air Compressor simple At home

LM Tutorial

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Make A Silent Air Compressor & Making A Custom Chrome Air Filter

Steve Jordan

How I built the 'SILENT AIR GENIE' compressor and how to make a super custom made chromed brass 1/4" BSP air filter from another household item on the ...


Building my homemade silent air compressor


As promised I said I would make a video to show the dummy's guide to building my silent air compressor. Please understand this will be very boring for the ...


2nd Silent Air Compressor Build, Part 1


Originally recorded July 7, 2016. It was high time to build a second silent air compressor. I had an HVAC technician remove the refrigerant before severing the ...