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$10 DIY Camera Slider!

Film Riot

For pro sliders check out Kessler Crane! It's the most requested DIY build we've gotten yet! So today we finally throw together a ...


Homemade camera slider

Make it Extreme

The manufacture of this week is a camera slider! We made a metallic frame with four legs applied with screws and then we placed a moving metallic plate on it.


The ULTIMATE DIY Camera Slider

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Crazy Cheap Camera Slider DIY Ideas- wacky but they WORK


Camera sliders and tracks are cheap and abundant- but how to MOVE the camera is the challenge, and that's where I offer some crazy cheap ideas that actually ...


DIY Camera Slider for $7 in 3 Minutes (Ep. 1)

EPISODE 1 - THE SLIDER Hollywood Effects. Makeshift Budget. Facebook // ...


DIY DSLR Camera Slider Under $8

Austin Lindsay

Here's a DIY DSLR Camera Slider I made for under 9 dollars with parts I picked up from the Home Depot. I got the main idea from Film Riot's idea, then tweaked ...


DIY Camera Slider (Trolley Dolly)

Camera sliders are very popular right now, providing a dolly effect in a limited range. Here's my version which departs from what everyone probably expects.


How to Make a Professional Camera Slider (100% DIY!)

DIY Perks

In this video we're going to make a super-smooth camera slider so that we can pull off some awesome cinematic camera moves! Built out of standard copper ...


DIY Camera Slider made with Plumbing Pipe and Scrap Metal

DIY Camera slider. I used some 1-2-3 blocks, a few nuts/bolts, some plastic U-groove wheels, and some galvanized plumbing pipe to make this camera slider.


Homemade Camera Slider

Made this 5 foot camera slider and a 10' version to try to step up my game. The controller is an Arduino Uno and there are 2 EasyDrivers (one for each nema17 ...


DIY Motorized Camera Slider with Pan and Tilt Head - Arduino Based Project

for 10 PCBs (100*100mm) Circuit schematic, source code and more details here ...


DIY COMMERCIAL GRADE Camera Slider Under $175

Gregory Cazillo

Video sponsored by! Greg has ...


How to make a DIY camera slider at home Under 1$

Tech Nahid

Hello Guys! In this video I have showed how to make a diy smartphone camera slider under 1$ At Home. This really amazing to make at home and very easy.


Drill-Powered Camera Slider

Chad DIY

Hey! This is a DIY camera slider build. Here is everything you need to build this. Materials- (2x) 3 ft 1 1/2 inch angled steel 3 ft 1 1/2 inch bar steel 1/8'' thick 3 ft ...


DIY Camera Slider for $35 - Film Making for Newbs

Kyle Lawrence

Do-It-Yourself camera slider for around $35. A great, smooth, and low cost alternative when resources are limited. Thanks for watching, subscribing, liking and ...


DIY Arduino camera slider for professional timelapse and stopmotion

edu puertas

How to make a motorized slider easy and for professional Stop motion and timelapse usage. This setup works perfect for my needs, I am a stop motion filmmaker ...



Sandeep Gadgets

hey guys this is sandeep gadgets In this tutorial show you how to make An professional Slider at home SOME SAMPLE CINEMATIC SHOT CLICK- ...


Build your own high quality DIY camera slider


DIY filmmaking made easy - build your own high quality DIY camera slider with igus® drylin® lubrication-free components. Matt Mowry from igus® inc. shows ...


DIY Camera Slider v3.1 - Shapeoko Project #30

Winston Moy

[NOTE] Newer version of this project here: Bringing some much-needed improvements to my cheapo camera ...


DIY Camera Slider - GoPro - DSLR - Motorized Remote Control - Part 1 - Stop Motion

Linear bearings and rails are inexpensive chinese importSome basic fabrication work on making a camera slider for the go pro. Cutting and milling steel and ...