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Crazy Easy Homemade Bar Clamps | DIY

izzy swan

Homemade Bar Clamps for woodworking don't get any easier than this. This is the simplest way I have ever seen to make great reliable great preforming low ...


Homemade Red Bar Clamps [DIY]

Theiss Hilmar

Homemade red bar clamps for future projects.


how to make your own cam or luthier clamps

In this tutorial from follow the entire process of making your own cam clamps from raw lumber to the finished product step by step.



I constantly get asked about this clamp in my videos. So this one is dedicated to showing all of the clamps we use in the shop, including the Stronghand "Shark ...


How to Make a Custom Roof Rack

I Like To Make Stuff

I've always wanted a roof rack for my Land Cruiser, but the commercially available options didn't fit my needs, so I made a custom one, come see how!


How to make DIY Spring Clip Terminal to 4 mm Banana Plug Adaptors

Converts a spring clip terminal to accept a 4mm Banana - Convenient and easy to use Some Hi-Fi amplifiers (and many Home Cinema amps)and loudspeakers ...


DIY Lineman's Rope for Hunting

DIY Sportsman

See updated video: $50 off New Breed Bows: code "DIYsportsman" My Gear List (with purchase links): ...


DIY Roof Rack system for my 1998 Subaru Impreza


I Decided I needed roof rails and crossbars on my Impreza so I made some... This car is a "project car" that has featured in episodes 01 and 02 of Drive Nova ...


Welding Ground Clamps


This video is from the full story at The full story has more photos and details on this necessary piece of ...


How to Make Battery Cables the Right Way and the Easy Way


In this video I show two methods for how I crimp ring terminals onto heavy gauge cable. There are countless types and styles of terminals - I use copper ring ...


Roof Rack Cross Rails (Homemade DIY)

The Furrminator

I used an old piece of aluminum beam from a tractor trailer to make cross rails for the roof rack on my 2003 Honda Odyssey. Website ...


Angle Grinder Stand For Grinding machine / Angle Grinder Holder..Angle Grinder Hack

Mistry MakeTool

Hello Friends I show you how to make a grinding machine and how to use it..angle grinder life hack.. I use black & decker angle grinder , 4" Hose clamp and ...


Watch as a Bear Trap is set off onto plywood 825057

U-Spray Bugspray

More Info and Ordering here: This #16 Offset Bear Trap can deliver quite a bit of ...


Tutorial: How to crimp connectors, strip wire and use heat shrink.


Visit my website for more Tips, Videos, DIY projects and more: -----------------------------Click "Show more"--------------------------------------- A ...


How to install a copper ground rod--DIY


For electrical service, I added another copper ground rod at least 6' away.


Welding table Super Easy + cheap

Prickly sauce

Welding table - Super Easy + cheap A super easy welding table that works well and is cheap to make. Get an old radiator place it on some blocks, grind the ...


Battery Terminal Clamp Replacement DIY (Any Vehicle) - EASY


Today I will show you how to replace your battery terminal clamps on your vehicle! The clamps that I used in the video are the crimp on style clamps, so the ...


DIY - Make A Bow Compass Jig

Wes Hamstra

Bare with me folks. This is my first video with a voice over. I am experimenting a microphone. It will only get better. I have some projects coming up that are going ...


Homemade catfish bait - Pickled fish for catching catfish

Catfish and Carp

Pickled fish are a great catfish bait that you can make yourself. I love fresh bait fish to catch catfish but when you can use fresh bait fish, then this homemade ...


DIY LED Basics: mounting leds/COBs to heatsinks (pt. 4/6)


Irrigation Green top drip caps: Round Coco/soil drip tops: $7 drip line splitter adjustable: $18 ...