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Homemade Bandsaw Mill From Old Car Wheels

Sandra says this video is too specialised and you lot out there won't like it. (Unless you happen to want to make a bandsaw mill.) But how could anyone NOT be ...


Interesting Things I Learned Building My Car-Wheel Bandsaw Mill.

This saw mill was built without any sort of plan – I just made it up as I went along. And of course, I learned a few things on the way. In case you're planning on ...


Rubber Tires on a Bandsaw Sawmill ??


This video is about the limitations of using rubber car or trailer tires for you homemade bandsaw sawmill.


DIY Bandsaw mill

Sawmiller Smith

Getting close to being done.


Sawmilling Workshop Wooden Frame Wall Material - Band Sawmill Build #26

Donn DIY

Milling 50x100 mm lumber for the steel workshop partition walls and ceilings to make a smaller part of the 400 square meter old barn warm so I can heat it.


Homemade band sawmill tire of automobile. I use the axle of the car.


diy sawmill homemade portable wood I use the axle of the car.


NEW Stronger Alloy Band Wheels, Sawmill Upgrade - Band Sawmill Build #25

Donn DIY

Installing new alloy wheels on my homemade mobile band sawmill to replace the old spoke wheels that were quite wobbly and eccentric. These aluminium rims ...


Esko's Homemade Bandsaw Mill

Canuck Woodchuck

Went to visit Esko today because I needed some lumber for a frame in the trailer to haul materials. It cost about $2000 to build the mill. Most welded material was ...


Band Wheels From Motorcycle Wheels - Band Sawmill Build #16

Donn DIY

Another episode in the series. This time the band wheels are getting in their place with fully adjustable mounts so the blade will run on the properly aligned ...


First Cut! Homemade Sawmill Test. DIY Car Tire Bandmill Bandsaw

Built with a mixture of recycled / repurposed and new materials. Old 11hp Briggs and Stratton engine. Fun project!


Homemade Wood Bandsaw mill walk around

Andrew Willis

3000 FPM blade speed, 4 BHP motor, Blade size 1 1/4 x .042 thick, 22" Plywood wheels crowned to track the blade. Uses trailer hubs with roller bearings to ...


Smallest portable DIY Bandsaw Sawmill


One of the smallest DIY you'll ever see. 16 inch wheels from a baby stroller. 3.8 horsepower 2 cycle harbor freight cement saw motor, 3/4 inch X 3 teeth per inch ...

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buid mill

Norman Shirey


Home made sawmill from a old golf cart? works great. I can now afford to make furniture.


Making a band sawmill out of my old golf cart. 10 horse power. Milling lumber to make furniture. How to build furniture: ...


Homemade Bandsaw Mill walk-around

This is my second build of this bandsaw mill... The first was underpowered and underbuilt, so I tore it down to the frame and started over... This video is just the ...


homemade sawmill - wheel crash

Pavel Kraus

Wheel crashed at 12:45 ;-) I have stopped using this machine and I am working on a new one. :) Car wheels are a good replacement, but they are very heavy ...




HOMEMADE See my other videos....


The Idle Wheel - Building a Large Bandsaw Mill - Part 8

Matthew Cremona

Now things get exciting. The pretty boring steel structure starts getting mechanized and turned into a bandsaw. The first thing to cross off of the list is the mount ...

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Nickolas Kasten


Homemade bandsaw mill power feed part 1

Mike festiva

In this video I show how I made a power feed for my home built bandsaw mill, Here's a few links to some parts I used to make this. PW controller, this controls the ...