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Giroptic iO 360 Camera Review - Capture the moment in 360!

In today's video, we look at the Giroptic iO 360 camera, a 360 camera that attaches to the bottom of your smartphone. Giroptic promises that this will be the ...


Giroptic iO 360 Camera Review

Giroptic iO 360 Camera Review Thinking about picking up a 360 degree camera? We take a look a the Giroptic iO 360 Camera and ...


Giroptic IO 360 Camera for Facebook Live - Hands On Review

Digital Trends

With a direct Lightning connection to an iPhone or iPad, the Giroptic iO will have you live streaming in 360 degrees, in mere seconds. The Giroptic iO 360 ...


GIROPTIC 360 degree video camera FHD @30fps GPS WiFi video streaming and monitoring


The French company GIROPTIC shows the world's 1st 360 degree cam. It already got 4000 backers and 1.4million USD from Kickstarter! There are 3 eyes(150 ...


Giroptic 360 Sample Footage Test with Audio

Giroptic 360 Footage Test Giroptic 360 is out and we've put it to the test, find out what the 360 sample footage looks like.


Giroptic 360 Cam quick review

Take a look at the difference between the giroptic 360 and the samsung gear 360 for both video and photo in the link. -


EEVblog #734 - Giroptic 360cam Kickstarter Prototype


Dave takes a quick look at the first run Kickstarter developer prototype 360 degree waterproof HD camera from Giroptic It produces real time 360deg 30fps MP4 ...


360 Giroptic Camera Test 😮

Ryan Foran

Our first test of this user friendly smartphone 360 video camera. You can listen to the full podcast review at ...


Giroptic iO 360-degree camera for your iPhone

Giroptic iO 360-degree camera for your iPhone Giroptic iO has come out with a new 360cam and it's great! It plugs into your iPhone's ...


FIRST LOOK: GIROPTIC 360 camera for iPhone


DAve Newton checks out the Giroptic - a 4K Stills/2K video 360 degree camera. It is also capable of live streaming 360 degree footage straight from an iPhone, ...


Giroptic iO 360 Camera for Android and iPhone - First Impressions

The 360 Guy

The Giroptic iO is a 360 camera accessory available for both Android and iPhone. It's a tiny device that can shoot full 360 video and photos as well as live stream ...


CES 2016: Giroptic 360 degree camera put to the test - BBC Click

BBC Click

BBC Click's Marc Cieslak puts the world's first full-HD 360 degree camera to the test. The Giroptic was developed in Lille, France. It captures images using three ...


Ghostrider Roller Coaster 360 VR POV Knotts Berry Farm California - Giroptic 360 Camera

Theme Park Review

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: MOVE YOUR PHONE TO LOOK AROUND! Filmed with Giroptic 360 camera: Take a ...


Giroptic iO 360 Degree Clip-On Camera For iOS and Android


Giroptic iO 360 Degree Clip-On Camera For iOS and Android.


Shoot-off, 3 X 360 Degree Camera, in 3 places, at 3 times during the day

I have 3 cameras that do 360 degree video. I used the cameras at the same time and edited all of the video into this video to allow every one to see a ...


Giroptic 360 Camera Unboxing

George Kenner

George Kenner of is doing an unboxing of the new Giroptic 360 Spherical HD video and stills camera. In the future George will ...


Giroptic 360 Degree Camera at CES 2017

J Tech TV

Interview with Pascal Brochier on the Giroptic 360 Degree Camera at CES 2017. ...


Giroptic 360 video test.

Ken Wong

Testing the 360 camera while listening to SRV.


First Look: The Giroptic 360 Camera

Leo Laporte and Megan Morrone take a first look at the Giroptic 360 camera that fits into your iPhone or iPad's lightening port. It's $249 and lets you take 360 ...


Giroptic 360 Camera on BeTerrific at CES 2016!


Live from CES 2016! Richard Ollier joins us on the BeTerrific CES 2016 Live Show to show us the Giroptic 360 cam, a 360 camera that can capture and stream ...