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How to Forge a Pair of Blacksmithing Tongs Out of Rebar


Hey everyone! A lot of you have been asking how I make rebar tongs, so here they are! These are a bit bigger than the ones I normally use because I've been ...


Making Simple Rebar Tongs for Blacksmithing

Burning Oak Forge

In this video, we are making a simple pair of rebar tongs for blacksmithing. These rebar tongs work great for common forging projects. We got two pieces of 2 feet ...


Forged Rebar Tongs - Making It Yourself

Dan The Maker Man

This started off as something completely different but end up as a pair of rebar tongs. I plan to use these for holding knife blades while I heat treat them.


Blacksmithing - Forging Bolt Tongs From Rebar - Ugly But Functional

Ok this one is for the newbies like me that need some functional tongs but haven't mastered making tongs that look good and function well. Also this is for the ...


Rebar Blacksmith Tongs Update and Some New Knives Vlog

Nicholas Tomihama

Hey everyone! A lot of you have been asking for a video on rebar tongs, so here's a little update plus a sneak peek of the finished pair of tongs for the video.


A Different Way of Forging Beginner Blacksmith Tongs

In this video, I show you a different way of forging beginner blacksmith tongs. In step by step tutorial fashion, I walk you through beginner tong making.


Before making your first Blacksmith Tongs, MAKE PLIERS! (aka Mini-Tongs)

Radwyn Forge

Before you make your first pair of Blacksmith's tongs you should learn how to make pliers. Pliers are essentially mini-tongs. They are cheaper and faster to make ...


Easy Tongs for Beginners

John Bennett

A collaborative project that Bill Corey and I worked on last Wednesday. Light weight tongs made from 1/4" x 1" hot rolled flat bar. The reins are cut from the stock ...


Simple To Make Blacksmithing Tongs Without A Forge

Here I try to make a set of blacksmith tongs a simple and easy way. No welding or forge needed. If you would like to support my channel please donate any ...


Forging Arrowhead from Rebar

Burning Oak Forge

In this video, we are forging an arrowhead from rebar. We first make a mandrel tapered the same size as the shaft of the arrow so the socket can be made a ...


How to Forge Square Tongs Without Tongs

Colin Roy

In this video I forge half in square tongs without using any tongs. This is a step by step video and these tongs will be given away to a viewer. Like, comment ...


Super Quick Tongs: Making Blacksmith Tongs for the Beginner

This video covers making blacksmith tongs for the beginner. These quick tongs are super fast to make! You don't even need a rivet... you can use a bolt, as I ...


Blacksmithing - how to make basic tongs as simply as possible.

Glen GS Tongs

I made this video to show how to make one basic style of tong. The process is in real time, with me just pausing the video when the tong blanks were in the forge.


Fast Easy Beginner Blacksmith Tongs! - Blacksmithing!

My BTC address: 14Tp6keFTi7YGXZdj1EfajwcZGTVQkkFfm Making blacksmith tongs can be challenging at times. So I was trying to think of ways to make the ...


My First time Blacksmithing (Making a pair of tongs)

Today I make my first attempt at Blacksmithing. It goes... okay. I make a few mistakes but I do end up making something functional. I will be making a machete ...


Beginner Rebar Blacksmith Tongs


This is my very first attempt at blacksmithing a pair of tongs out of rebar. It was a lot of fun making these.


Blacksmithing - Hook made from rebar


Feel free to criticize me in the comment section Sorry about the disorganized end screen links in this video Etsy: ...


Making Rebar Tongs-Blacksmith Tongs-No Forge Required

This is my way of how to make rebar tongs. How to make a pair of blacksmith tongs can be complicated. How to make blacksmith tongs from rebar is quite easy ...


My Method for Forging Blacksmith Tongs

I show my method for forging blacksmith tongs. These blacksmith tips and tricks will come in handy so you can create your own diy blacksmith tongs. Making ...


Four Types of Beginner Blacksmithing Tongs

In this video, I show you four types of beginner blacksmithing tongs. If you are looking for the best tongs for blacksmiths, I show you a few of my favorite.