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Flying Underwater! - Subwing in 4K | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

2 years ago devinsupertramp

To find out more information on Subwing check them out at their website: Check out our videos on Watchable! ...


Underwater Flight - Introducing the Subwing Honeycomb

4 years ago SUBWING

Ever dreamed of flying? The Subwing Honeycomb unlocks the sensation of underwater flight. Glide through the water like a dolphin, do thrilling underwater ...


Flying underwater with Subwing Gili Islands

Flying along the beautiful coral reefs of the Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia.


Richie's DIY Subwing - Flying underwater

2 years ago AP Visuals

Testing out Richie's DIY Subwing. Flying underwater. Divers: Oliver Dadswell Richard Flindall Alexis Pierret Edit: AP Visuals ...


Flying Underwater - Subwing Behind the Scenes


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SUBWING - - Flying Underwater - - DIVEWING

4 years ago Jeffs Wonderland

Demo of the new product Subwing in Marathon Florida, Now available for sale we are taking new dealers in the USA, if you are interested in buying a personal ...


Jetboards - Subwing Flying Underwater

2 years ago JETBOARDS

Vive la sensación de volar bajo el agua con una total libertad de movimiento. - Feel the sensation of underwater flight with virtually full freedom of movement.


Flying underwater

2 years ago SWS Films

homemade subwing that allows you to soar underwater like a bird The feeling is amazing.


SubWings Underwater

2 years ago Allan Buturlis

Subwings flying underwater.


SUBWING...Flying underwater

7 years ago SUBWING

SUBWING - The future of water sport Available at Song: Intro of the XX.


SUBWING...underwater madness

7 years ago SUBWING Don't forget to subscribe to our channel ;D Song: "Beyond Right Now" The Glitch Mob Remix Original song by Sound Tribe Sector 9.


Robotic Dolphin and Flying Water Car - In 4K! With Jetovator and Seabreacher

4 years ago devinsupertramp Super thanks to Jetovator and Seabreacher for their amazing inventions, and for making this video happen! They provided all the water ...


SUBWING Fly...Underwater

7 years ago SUBWING

A new way to experience the ocean underwater Now available


Fly underwater with Subwing

4 years ago Subwing Oceania

Learn how to fly underwater with Subwing. Buy yours in NZ and Aus from or


Subwing - Flying Underwater with Dolphins and Sharks

1 year ago SUBWING


What The Fun!! " Subwing "

2 years ago What The Fun!!

Subwing is all about flying but flying underwater ;) . What The Fun!! WTFun!!


flying underwater ˜

2 years ago Julia Dykstra


How to make a Subwing/Divewing

3 years ago Jeremy Trumble

How to make a dive wing, subwing, boat toy, pull behind.


Subwing - flying under water

2 years ago Simeon Cathey

This is my first time trying my friend Keith's new underwater toy!


SubWing. Flying.. UnderWater

5 years ago Yehuda Maoz

SUBWING is a new water sport that entirely reinvents the way we experience the ocean under water. Feel the sensation of underwater flight with virtually full ...