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Fishing for Bikes in the Amsterdam Canals

1 year ago Great Big Story

File this under “only in Amsterdam”: fishing for BIKES. As one of the world's most bicycle-friendly cities, there are, in fact, more bikes than humans in the Dutch ...


Fishing bicycle wrecks from the canals of Amsterdam

6 years ago windowwasher2

Each year Waternet, Amsterdam's Water Authority, fishes between 12000 and 15000 bicycles from the canals. The bikes were either discarded deliberately, ...


Bicycle fishing -- canal bikes --in Amsterdam

8 months ago Frans Goddijn

Kostverlorenvaart, 14 mei 2018, canal bikes.


Fishing for bicycles in Amsterdam canals

3 years ago AP Archive

(10 Mar 2011) AP Television Amsterdam, Netherlands - March 1st, 2011 1. Close of bicycle handlebars, tracking shot travelling along cycle lane 2.


Bicycle Fishing in Amsterdam with Daily Planet

3 years ago Discovery Canada

Dan Riskin, host of Daily Planet, takes you behind the scenes on a shoot for the TV series in Amsterdam. The team goes fishing for bicycles lost in canals.


Fishing bicycles out of Amsterdam canal

10 years ago what1saw

Watch as city workers remove discarded bicycles.


Fishing Bicycles

4 years ago André Tribbensee

"Fishing Bicycles" is part of a series of preparing workshops, providing Temporary Academy with free transportation and food. Fishermen: Timo Helmers, Atle ...


Freestyle - Amsterdam Street Fishing!

Check out our blog below! 21-22/10/2017 Amsterdam Open Street Event. Music By The Passion ...


160915 cycling around in amsterdam

2 years ago Thomas Schlijper


Amsterdam's Bike Graveyard

6 years ago EarthBeatRNW

The Fietsdepot is the graveyard for 10000 bikes of all shapes and sizes which have been removed by the city of Amsterdam while illegally parked. Only 25% are ...


European Bike Stealing Championships 2015

3 years ago WeLoveCycling

These thieves absolutely didn't see it coming when they tried to steal our bait bike! Read more here ...


Bike fishing in Amsterdam

1 year ago leslie edwards


Yellow Bike - Amsterdam

6 years ago My Guide Network

Yellow Bike is just a couple of minutes away from Central Station, and is one of the best things to do if you wish to experience the delights of Amsterdam the way ...


Fishing sunken bicycles in Amsterdam canal

7 years ago mbdonetsk


Bicycle manouvers in amsterdam

12 years ago Antonio Silveira

Video for a guy with extreme control of his bike, unfortunately at the end he falls down.


Magneetvissen (magnet fishing Rotterdam) part2

4 years ago kip108

If you want to donate. I fish with the magnet and make video s in Rotterdam and other places in Netherland.


Bicycle Madness Amsterdam

4 years ago Mathias Höller

completely pointless video.


Fishing bikes in Amsterdam's canal

1 year ago Roberto Perez

Did you lose your beloved bike? Broken parts? Somebody stole it?! Worry no more! This man can get you a recycled bike in no time.


Fishing bicycles

1 year ago Dan Fuen

This is how they fish bicycles in Holland.


Bicycle fishing and modules?

3 years ago AFP. CONNEX