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The fastest way to cool a soda drink


That's great way to cool your drink very quickly. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Pomegranate Tricks! Cutting - Seeds Removal - Juice" ...


How to Cool a Drink in 2 Minutes


Chill your drink quickly. Works great with Coke, soda, beer, cans and bottles. Perfect for the summer when you need to cool a room temperature drink really ...


How To Instantly Chill Any Drink!

Unbox Therapy

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) --- Today's Mystery Video - Cooper Cooler Rapid Chiller (USA Link) - Cooper Cooler Rapid ...


How to Cool Drinks Fast with a Wet Paper Towel

Hip Science

A practical technique engagingly explained in verse. In this episode, Justin demonstrates the paper towel method and raps about why it works. Hip Science does ...


how to cool soda in 5 min or less

Anthony Albert

this video is showing you how to get your drink cold in about 5 minuts onw of my friends showed me this so i thought it would be cool to make a video and also ...


The fastest way to cool a soda drink 👑HowTo!👑


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Turn Soda into Slushies

Today we're using liquid nitrogen to freeze soda into a variety of delicious colored slushies! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: See What Else ...


Chill A Coke In 2 Minutes!


Superchill soda, beer and other drinks quickly! Here's the secret! If you don't want ice in your drink, this is the way to do it! Check out my 'secret' classic videos: ...


Self Freezing Coca-Cola (The trick that works on any soda!)

Take any bottle of soda, and get it to freeze on command! This “super cool" trick works with cans of soda as well. Some quick links to a few of the materials I ...


How to Freeze a Coke in 2 seconds !! First try

Mr EastCoastMan

This is how to freeze a coke in 2 seconds , It was my first try and it worked but i will try it again with a smaller bottal and see if that works better! thanks for ...


How to quickly cool drinks that are too hot

Jack Kramer

Visit to purchase. Demonstration of how the Quick Coolit works. How to quickly cool a hot drink or soup without diluting it or affecting it's taste.


HYPERCOOL The FASTEST Way To Cool Drinks! Official HYPERCOOL Indiegogo Campaign Video



Soda or Beer Can + Wet Paper Towel = Cold More Quickly? Let's find out! #0054

We've all heard the supposed myth that if you wrap a beer or soda can in a paper towel, then wet it with cool tap water, then put it in your fridge or freezer, that it ...


Fastest way to cool soda

felicia henry

Quick demonstration Anaya.


How cool drinks quickly? and in half the time and how you can keep drinking cold out of the fridge

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Very suitable for the hot summer. And Cshmftiaim you guests.


How To Make a Soda Machine! - 5$ 5 Minutes!! (Super Easy)


Learn how to make a really cool soda machine for around $5. This build is super easy to do and the device makes some great soda. You can also carbonate any ...


How to make warm drinks cold really fast.


easy way to make your drink cold fast. Maryland Honda Shadow - Twitter - ...


What Is the Fastest Way to Chill a Can of Beer?


Andy and Madeleine test out two hacks for quickly chilling beer. - Wrap the beer in a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer. vs - Put the beer in a bucket of ice, ...


How to Cool a Soda the Fastest Way

AY 2.


the fastest way to chill a soda in 2 minutes..!!!!

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my science project.