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How to Make a Homemade Bottle Opener

Got It Made

Seems like everyone is making bottle openers these days after Jimmy Diresta did his Ten DIY Beer Bottle Openers video: ...


How To Make A Bottle Opener


This video will show you how I made simple bottle opener.I hope you will enjoy the video. Music provide by NoCopyrightSounds TRACK: Elektronomia ...


8 DIY Bottle Openers (Diresta Inspired)

Robert J. Keller

8 quick and simple ways to make bottle openers out of stuff you've probably got lying around the shop. Inspired by Jimmy Diresta's bottle opener video. For more ...


Make a Bottle Opener for Under $1.00


In this video I turn a paint can opener into a beautiful bottle opener.


How to make bottle openers from scraps and spare parts.

Jason Payne

In this video I am making bottle openers from scraps and extra parts while my wife is asleep.


Ways To Open A Beer Without A Bottle Opener


For when ya don't have a light. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! MUSIC Freedom Of The City Audio Network ...


How to Make a Bottle Opener

Wm. Walker Co.

How to make a bottle opener out of mild steel, curly maple, and brass.


How To Make A Wrench Bottle Opener

The Fab Forums

You ever have a pop top beer but no bottle opener? Here is a easy way to make your own bottle opener with a wrench. I like the idea of popping tops with car ...


How to make a DIY Bottle Opener and Magnetic Cap Catcher

Social Wood Works

How to make a DIY Bottle Opener and Magnetic Cap Catcher Buy one here: In this video I demonstrate the process that I ...


How To Open A Bottle Without A Bottle Opener


Bartender Moe Harris demonstrates several ways to how to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener.To View How-To Videos on Almost Any Subject Visit: ...


making a bottle opener

Scott Partington

I made a bottle opener out of skateboard wood and an old bottle opener I had laying around. The quest for beer was in full effect in this video! I hope you like this ...


Bottle Opener

Saw Dust Maker

Another darn bottle opener. This one has some features you may not see on other bottle openers. Saw Dust Maker website – ...


Making wine bottle opener for $ 0.05

Michal Kadlec

Here is my easy vacation project. I'm making very simple wine opener from screw and piece of ash wood.


DIY bottle opener


DIY bottle opener.


DIY Bottle Opener Pyrography Project - Blood, Sweat & Beers

In this DIY tutorial I'll show you how I made a bar blade bottle opener with some wood veneer and a pyrography design. This made for a cool pyrography project ...


how to make a homemade bottle opener

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How to Make Nail Bottle Opener


If you've got a piece of wood and regular nail you can make this awesome bottle opener. How to open a bottle with a piece of paper: ...


Mini MOD Monday: DIY Bottle Opener


Subscribe to my new everyday carry channel, Best Damn EDC: --~-- How do you make a bottle opener with a piece of wood, a nail, and ...


How to make a beer bottle opener

Tomáš Truksa

worked well as good Christmas presents for men whatever age.... I have made 10 openers all from scrap wood mostly red and green oak.


Easy DIY Upcycled Wrench Bottle Opener

Ryan J. Ridgley

Follow the process in making an easy bottle opener out of upcycled and re-purposed wrenches. For all things Barn Rat Studio follow these fantastic links: ...