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DIY: Easy to make Bottle Lamp

4 years ago Shake the Future

Today we'll be making a lamp out of a bottle. Originally I was going to make a lamp out of a Coca-Cola bottle, but it was too small for my lamp shade. We are ...


DIY Beautiful Bottle Lights for Christmas | Easy To Make Bottle Lights - Craft Basket.

2 years ago Craft Basket

Hey guys, today I'm going to show you how to make this beautiful for Christmas bottle lamp to decorate your home. Subscribe To Craft Basket ...


DIY whisky bottle lamp

2 years ago Smart Beast

Easy way to make DIY whiskey bottle lamp Music:


How to make a Bottle Lamp!

6 years ago Household Hacker

Ever seen cool lamps made from bottles? You might have wondered how to do it yourself. Well, it's easier than you think! Instructions: 1. Pick the bottle you want ...


How to Make Beer or Wine Bottle Lamp by Very Easy (Diwali and Christmas Crafts) : DIY

2 months ago AS World

This is easy craft idea which shows how to make hanging wine bottle lamp by very easy methods. Lighting is what turns your home into a place for doing things ...


How To Make A Bottle Lamp DIY

2 years ago Nick Jager

Making unique lamps for your home is easier than you think. We have Giveaways - Get DIY Tips at DIY Instructions: 1. Find a glass ...


DIY Lamp from a Whisky Bottle

2 years ago Brett Withjack

Just in time for Christmas is this beautiful repurposed whisky bottle lamp PERFECT for the alcoholic in your life, just kidding, it works for anyone! Light up that ...


Bottle Lamp/Bottle Art/ Bottle decoration/Bottle Craft

1 year ago Creative Cat

Bottle Lamp/Bottle Art/ Bottle decoration/Bottle Craft by Creative Cat Subscribe for more awesome bottle art videos like this : FB Page ...


GIN bottle lamp without drilling glass DIY

1 year ago Smart Beast

DIY bottle lamp without drilling glass.



1 year ago Jaidon Williams

This is my first proper video. if you like it and think i should do more comment below of what you what to see. thanks Things i used: Glass drill bit ...


DIY: How to Make Bottle Lights

3 years ago Daniel Stabile

Check out my Instructables! If you liked this video, please Like, Share, & Subscribe! Music: Worky ...


DiY Bottle Lamp

2 years ago Dominik Hollý

In this video i'll show you how to make your own bottle lamp out of any kind of glass bottle you'll choose. All you need is: glass bottle electrical wire (with switch) ...


How To Turn A Wine Bottle Into A Lamp

10 months ago DIYNoNeedToCry

How To Turn A Wine Bottle Into A Lamp This is one of the most requested videos on this channel and the only reason I was hesitating on doing it was because of ...


How to make lampshades with bottles | DIY Tutorial

1 year ago Recycle Craft

Material: - Plastic bottle - Strings - glue Tool: - Saw - Scissors Use plastic molds to create the lamp shade with different colors. Love crafting and making cool, but ...


How to make your own UV Bottle lamp

1 year ago Alex Heck

Selfmade UV Light Bottle.


Make a Home Made Bottle Lamp Without Concrete | Easy Home Made Lamp using waste material


Make a Home Made Bottle Lamp Without Concrete | Easy Home Made Lamp waste material Material required -glass bottle -Newspaper -empty tape roll -glue ...


How to Make Coke Bottle Lamp | Homemade |Technical Ninja

11 months ago Technical Ninja

How to Reuse Old Bulb | Homemade |Technical Ninja In this video i am gonna show you how to reuse the old light bulb, It is very easy to make. For making this ...


Easy Glass Bottle Crafts For Home Decoration | DIY Night Lamp Shade For Teenage Girls

1 month ago Artisan Pallet

Hey Guys!!! Welcome back to Artisan Pallet In Today's video, I am sharing a glass bottle Lamp Shade for home decoration. This night lamp Shade is a very ...


How To Make The Bottle Lamp Kit Adapter Fit My Bottle

11 months ago Nick Jager

Make your lamp kit adapter fit your bottle lamp with this simple trick. Learn more about bottle lamp making - We also send out an ...


DIY Lamp|DIY Frosted Bottle Lamp/Bottle Art for kids craft activity|DIY: How to Make Bottle Light

10 months ago SmitaRawat's KITCHEN

In this video i am sharing a DIY Craft project for kids ,its basically on reuse of old bottle, i am making here a DIY Lamp using old sauce bottle ,this is a Best use of ...