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Bow & Arrows from garbage Venetian blinds 1 of 2

3 years ago David Waelder

Instagram @davidwaelder Tip Cup - Patreon support ...


Crossbow Made From Garbage

A treasure can be found even in a dump Subscribe My Channel For More Video Youtube Subscribe: Facebook: ...


How to make a Rubber Band powered Car - Air Car

3 years ago LXG Design

This video will show you how to make a very simple Rubber Band powered Car using plastic bottles. Hope you like it. Cheap and remote control car: ...


How to make a Mini Bow and Arrow from ToothBrush

In this video I will show you how to do a Bow using waste Toothbrush and Arrow using Bamboo Sticks and other things. If you LIKE it then give THUMBS-UP else ...


Post Apocalyptic Living: Caulkbow

4 years ago QD Scrapworks

In this webisode, Ryan (lvl111blacksmith) makes a crossbow out of a caulking gun and broken band saw blades. Music: The Parting by Kevin MacLeod ...


Halloween / Cosplay Prop Rifle made from Garbage !

1 year ago Selfmade



Next Level DIY Vortex Cannons!

In today's video we're scaling down, and super-sizing the vortex cannon, for some crazy fun DIY! Subscribe & “Ring the Bell”: Mini Solo ...


How to Make a Toothpick Crossbow Double Barrel Revolver "Dishonored 2" - V.1 Prototype

PARTS LIST - (Affiliate Link) [✓] Tongue Depressors [✓] Snap Hair Clip [✓] Kevlar Thread ...


Testing the draw weight of a 960lbs steel crossbow - Skallgrim's crossbow

1 year ago Tod's Workshop

Drum roll... Find out the draw weight of Skallagrim's crowdfunded medieval windlass crossbow. We made two steel prods (bows) but the only way to know the ...

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2 years ago Eversley samuel

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diy weapons

2 years ago nathan rash

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80lb crossbow replacements

2 years ago Terry I

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DIY Survival Tools & Weapons

3 years ago GunsNgeeks

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1 year ago Zhanphao Fau

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1 year ago Denis Zuk

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11 months ago Ron Speer

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1 year ago Gordon White


Home Made, japanese lantern, made from garbage

4 years ago Scott's Place

Taking out the trash this morning and I got an idea, I find these lamps very attractive and very mellow, great little project ... Thanks for watching Scott's Garage ...