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6 years ago 장상곤

Wheel washer. Purchase inquiries: tel :82-53-816-1215. Yet to clean dirty wheels. This Machine is Cleaning Car Wheels How much you ...


Wheel Washer LR 400.wmv

Electronic wheel washer featuring a cleaning method with low-pressure water and plastic granules, designed to handle oversized and heavy car, SUVs and van ...


Touchless car wash machine with wheel washing system

9 months ago Bill King

Bill Wuxi Golden Boat Car Washing Equipment Co.,Ltd Mob: +86 15161533602 Email:


Touchless car washing machine with wheel brush

Our company design a touchless car washing machine with two wheel brushes.


MasterJantes ® Wheel and rim washer

Touchfree automatic wheel and rim washing cabinet.


Steam Car Wash-Tire Wheel Steam Cleaning

2 years ago steamcarwashing1

Steam car wash machine can do 360 degree no dead corner precision cleaning on car tire wheel. If assisting with brush, the cleaning efficiency will be much ...


MWW-660 Automatic wheel washer

The Automatic Wheel Washer is perfect for you if you have high standards of customer service and customer retention. It is suitable for all types of wheels, ...


Self Service Wash - Foam Brush, Wheel Brush and Triple Wax

6 years ago Tom Hoffman Jr.

New Hoffman Car Wash in Vestal, NY has a new delivery system made by Hydraflex. The Simoniz products are delivered to our customers with a more reliable ...


Expensive Car Wheel Cleaning Secrets!

2 months ago Devin Niemela

Get Your Merch Subscribe to my channel for constant uploads! Wheel Brush: Degreaser: ...


Adam's Polishes Wheel and Tire Washing | The Sequence

3 years ago Adam's Polishes

Here is a closer look at the process Adam's Polishes uses for washing wheels and tires. Adam's Polishes Wheel and Tire Washing sequence is the best and ...


Tire wash with Harpic | Nitto Rai

3 months ago Nitto Rai

Tire wash with Harpic #cardetailing #tire #nittorai Facebook Nitto Rai Email


How to Clean EXTREMELY Dirty Wheels

2 years ago Justin Buice

In this video, I show you how to clean brake dust off my BMW's extremely dirty wheels. ▻Sonax Wheel Cleaner: ▻Chemical Guys JetSeal ...


Follower Wheel Washer - Updated Video

Check out this new footage of the Follower Wheel Washer. The Follower Wheel Washer follows the vehicle's wheel for 5' along with the conveyor blasting away ...


Tire washing machine DTW-241

Installed in Razlog city, Bulgaria.


DTW-241 tire washing machine


DTW-241 tire washing machine 2

Installed in Pazardzhik city, Bulgaria.


Wheel Wash Shield in between Full Car Washes - Ikea Hack

5 years ago YelloJello

I wanted some kind of shield to prevent water overspray while washing wheels when I'm not doing a full car wash. Once you get overspray, depending on how ...


Heavy truck wheel washing machine and engineering car washing machine

1 year ago susan Sun

Heavy truck wheel washing machine and engineering car washing machine made in China whatsapp: +86 13371171705 skype: ...


cheap car wheel washing machine/ truck tyre washing machine

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Car Wash Equipment - Pendulum Tracking Wheel Washer

Tracks each wheel, following it with a high pressure wash for over five feet Four spinning zero degree plus nozzles and one turbo nozzle deliver the necessary ...