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How to make a garden wood burner from a gas bottle

2 years ago English woodsman

I know it nothing to do with camping but sometimes I do upload video of thing I make for the garden or for camping .. IF THIS DOES NOT INTERESTED YOU ...


How to build Gas bottle Rocket Stove

3 years ago Supershed Scrag

This is my Rocket stove i built for my shed. It is by no means perfect and my welding is terrible. There are a few failures in there too. As this is my rough attempt i ...


How to build a wood burning stove.

6 years ago R1FREESTYLE

This is my gas bottle wood burner I built over a fortnight of cold evenings early this year 2012, hope you like it.


Laura´s Gas Bottle Stove

2 years ago Laura Kampf

This week i built a Stove from a Gasbottle. I love the industrial "Mad Max" Style it has. Thank You Lincoln Electric for Sponsoring the Video and your Support ...


How To Build A Big Gas Bottle Pot Belly Stove Barbecue At Home, Its A Multi Purpose Wood Burner

2 years ago NotwiseDIY

Ok its a Red Neck project ive been planing in my head for some time, yep i wanted a wood burner an a barbecue combined. Had made a wooded burner before ...


Diy gas bottle rocket stove ( build and burn )

2 years ago Gary Prusa

Super efficient wood burning gas bottle rocket stove. burns really hot with no smoke works great for heater as well as a cooking stove.


wood burner/heater.part 1 how to build an efficient wood burner from a gas cylinder

1 year ago fixitmakeit

efficient wood/log burner,stove,heater from empty gas cylinder with secondry burn pipes.this is going to be used as a patio/outdoor heater. in this video i discuss ...


How To Build A Gas Bottle Pot Belly Wood Burner Stove With A Rope Seal Door With A Charcoal Forge F

2 years ago NotwiseDIY

Wanted a Wood Burner for my shed mancave that would be safe an not fill the place with leathel fumes, so door had to sealed. Spent a few weeks gathering up a ...


Coke Can The Perfect Alcohol Stove cocacola ♻

4 years ago Milleaccendini



Tiny Wood Stove Made From A Propane Tank

This little wood stove was made from an old propane tank. The tools you'll need to build something like this are of course an old propane tank, a metal grinder, ...


Turning a 20 lb Propane Tank into a Wood Stove

Moron Moments: 2:50 - Not wearing hearing protection (ouchie!) 3:19 - Oh, *now* I decide to put in some earplugs. What a moron... 3:21 - Not at all the most ...


DIY Patio Heater / Fire-Pit

1 year ago Eamon Walsh DIY

How to make a patio heater from empty gas/propane tanks. First of all DO NOT cut into a gas/propane tank unless you know what you are doing! Even though ...


Pics & vid of how I built a log burning stove from a gas bottle.

7 years ago Jozzilion

Picture compilation & short video of How I built a log burner from a Gas bottle.


How to build a Portable Rocket Stove mk2 - Easy Welding Projects

3 years ago thepoultrypeople

A really cool and easy DIY welding project for making a portable camping/glamping/survival rocket type stove using an old gas bottle and some offcuts of round ...


Gas Bottle Wood Stove Heat Exchanger

7 years ago TheUtubeEngineer

A heat exchanger i made out of 3 20 pounds propane gas bottles. It heats my garage. Check out my channel please.


How to make a Wood Stove using a Propane Tank

5 years ago teethofthelamb

Ideas for a simple wood stove project out of a old propane tank.


Large Pot Belly Stove made from Propane Bottle Woodburner - The Big One

6 years ago thepoultrypeople

A large pot belly type stove made from a recycled propane tank or gas bottle if your in the United Kingdom. Excellent for heating a workshop, barn, yurt or teepee ...


Ozzy's Wood Burner Stove - made from a gas bottle, a motorcycle exhaust & motorcycle brake discs!

My D.I.Y. wood burner/stove, made from an old gas bottle, a motorcycle exhaust/muffler/end can and some motorcycle brake discs! - It works a treat, probably the ...


Build a New and improved fantastic output Waste Oil Burner.

4 years ago GerrysDiy

Subscribe .... Improved Waste Oil Burner. Step by step build instructions to make this clean burn and huge output waste oil burner. This unit ...


Rocket Stove Heater Build

4 years ago David McLuckie

This is my build of the very popular rocket stove heater. It's how I heat the workshop in the winter and it's very efficient. I've got some mods in mind for another ...