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DIY | Building a claw hammer out of rusty scrap

Hassan Abu-Izmero

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DIY & Crafts - Building a claw hammer out of rusty scrap



Rusty Hammer Restoration: Shiny with a New Wooden Handle

The build article: The belt grinder plans: Ways you ...


Claw Hammer Restoration

Andrew Bishop

This video documents the restoration of a vintage claw hammer. Watch it change from rust to ready to use.


Claw Hammer // How to make...


Hello! Today I'll show you how to make Claw Hammer. For making I used a metal shaft from an old printer. Subscribe! Soon a new video! I am the author and ...


✔ DIRESTA 2 Claw Hammer


I like to modify tools. Here, I combine two tools made by Estwing. This is what I call "research & development" Please like, comment, and subscribe! Thank you!


Old Rusty HAMMER Restoration

Doctor D.S.

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Making a Hammer on the Lathe


Having fun in the shop!


Very Rusty Old Claw Hammer Restoration

The Mad Smith

I bought this old hammer at a flea market along with a few other tools and decided it was time to restore it... Enjoy!


Forging a Claw Hammer

Glen GS Tongs

In this video, I make a woodworking claw hammer. website: email: If you would like to donate any amount, click the ...


Making a Claw Hammer

Zac Stephens

This is the majority of the process of making a Claw Hammer. This hammer is made from 4140 car axle rod. Music: "I will be still" by Young Oceans Enjoy! Follow ...


Ripping/Framing Claw Hammer Review & Comparison

Catus Maximus

Here we are reviewing and comparing estwing, Stanley, Vaugham, husky Carpenters hammers. The most common tool in the world.


I Found A Hammer

Will Dexter

I found this claw hammer on the side of the road. It was in need of some work so I recorded the restoration process.


Antique Estwing Tinner's Hammer Restoration

Never one to shy away from a pointless project, I got this old tinner's hammer in a box of junk at an auction and decided to do a full restoration on it. I made a ...


Claw Hammer Restoration

GG Woodwork

This week i restored my 1st ever / only claw hammer, one of the 1st tools i owned. I restored it to a polished finish with a black handle and polished steel pins.


Making a Diy Homemade Hammer Shaft From Scrap

i keep breaking hammer shafts so i thought it was time to build my own the unbreakable type ...


Forging a Claw Hammer - Blacksmithing

Paul Pinto

Hi my name is Paul Pinto and I'm an 18 year old maker from Connecticut. This channel will cover woodworking, metal fabrication, blacksmithing and much more!


HABU \\ Building A Dead Blow Hammer

I needed a new dead blow hammer, so I decided to build it on my own... Have fun! If you want to get access to exlusive content then become a patreon at: ...


Old Rusty, Restoration Hammer

In this video I will show how I restored an old hammer, made to measure with a personal touch. A restoration with sanding and a final polish, I do the handle with ...


(1/2) Making a Machinists Hammer - Handle and Head - from aluminum on the mini lathe


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