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Build a Vintage Block & Tackle Pulley

Got It Made

In this video I build a vintage block & tackle pulley from scratch. Although it is a decorative piece it is still very functional. I don't know that I'd use it to raise a sail ...


Making a Block and Tackle Wooden Pulley System

Since my shop is so small, I store a lot of the larger tools in my attic. And I've grown tired of twisting my back hauling the air compressor or the winter tires up and ...


Let's Build A Block And Tackle

Tim Borkert

How to build a block and tackle. Useful for getting heavy things up high. The pulleys I used: My knife: Music: ...


They Claim It Will Lift an Engine Block


Nifty-Lift claims they lifted an engine block. GET YOUR NIFTY-LIFT HERE - ALBERT PEEL (603) 401-4966 SUBSCRIBE: ...


Block and Tackle

Here is the latest installment of the timber framing series. The Block and Tackle. Really though which is the Block and Which is the Tackle? Facebook: ...


How we made pulley's, housing. | DIY | tools

Mark Thijssen

How we made the pulley's for our local scouts-troop. In this video the housing or pulley-blocks. The pulleys are now used to make zip-lines and rope bridges on ...


Rope Stropped Tackle Blocks

Mr. Chickadee

Its about time to raise our timber frame cabin skyward, so we need a little help to get our heavy bents off the ground. In this video we make a few rope stropped ...


Building a snatch block

Joel Horn

A 1/4 inch snatch block does't cost much but when you need one and buying it at the hardware store takes four hours of time, build one!


DIY Block and tackle


Is it perfect? The Nifty-Lift Block and Tackle


Seriously the most ingenious block and tackle invention to hit the market EVER! I'm SO impressed with it!! Check out Albert's channel as well as others in the ...


DIY Boom Crane

In this video I'm building a boom crane to lift two of my Stealth VAWTs two stories up to my roof. If you'd like to see this rascal in action, please check out Apples ...


Nifty Lift: Super Compact Block & Tackle

Our chicken feed bag weighs over 700kg and is too heavy for our small machines. Will the Nifty Lift be able to lift it off of the trailer for me? Buy ...

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Block & Tackle - Home Made

Michael Vincent


Vintage Block and Tackle - Harvard Star X901 - Pulley Rig

Dirt and Rust

Harvard Star X901 Vintage Pulley Rig / Block and Tackle Photography and Enhancements by Adam Zachary Weight is approx 6.5 lbs. The Main Pulleys are ...


Antique Block Pulley - episode #1

Craigslist Hunter

This is a first episode of my new series 260 pick of Craigslist Hunter. Visit my shop Trading Post in Crystal Lake and Chicago just google it. Follow me on ...

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Pulleys, Hoists, Winch, etc

Miss Demeanor


Make Step Pulleys for FREE (Real Lathe Pt. 2)

Rex Krueger

More video and exclusive content: Get your t-shirts! Tools and materials in this build (affiliate ...


How to Lift Items Easily - the Old School Way - Kevin Caron

From - Artist Kevin Caron shows how to lift items easily using a tool people have used for centuries .... Caron is lifting some large and ...


Block and Tackle Part 1

In this video, Capt. Bob Glover explains the formula for calculating the amount of force to lift an object using a block and tackle rigging.


Antique Block and Tackle in the Field...


Using an antique block and tackle in the woods to tackle some simple tasks. The way this Block and tackle is rigged it will give at least a four time advantage.