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Build a Vintage Block & Tackle Pulley

3 years ago Got It Made

In this video I build a vintage block & tackle pulley from scratch. Although it is a decorative piece it is still very functional. I don't know that I'd use it to raise a sail ...


Making a Block and Tackle Wooden Pulley System

Since my shop is so small, I store a lot of the larger tools in my attic. And I've grown tired of twisting my back hauling the air compressor or the winter tires up and ...


Making pulley-blocks

3 years ago Mark Thijssen

How we made the new pulley-blocks for our scouts-troop.

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DIY...Block & Tackle...


Let's Build A Block And Tackle

2 years ago Tim Borkert

How to build a block and tackle. Useful for getting heavy things up high. The pulleys I used: My knife: Music: ...


Make Step Pulleys for FREE (Real Lathe Pt. 2)

2 months ago Rex Krueger

More video and exclusive content: Get your t-shirts! Tools and materials in this build (affiliate ...

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make pulley's

2 years ago Mark Thijssen


Homemade Rope Pully

2 years ago Soat Mon

How to make a homemade pully.


How to make wooden pulleys

1 year ago bootsowen

Here is how I made wooden pulley blocks for a clothesline. I used my coronet elf lathe.

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1 year ago Sidnei Velasco


Rope Stropped Tackle Blocks

2 years ago Mr. Chickadee

Its about time to raise our timber frame cabin skyward, so we need a little help to get our heavy bents off the ground. In this video we make a few rope stropped ...


Antique Block Pulley - episode #1

2 years ago Craigslist Hunter

This is a first episode of my new series 260 pick of Craigslist Hunter. Visit my shop Trading Post in Crystal Lake and Chicago just google it. Follow me on ...


DIY Block and tackle


DIY mini block and tackle pulleys

4 months ago sahara tech

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ròng rọc

5 months ago Dung Le

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taljer (pulleys)

1 year ago Haka260


make pulleys

1 year ago Alonzo Tauras

In this video I build a vintage block vesves tackle pulley from scratch. Although it is a decorative piece it is still very functional. I dont know that Id use it to raise a ...


ROPE ONLY Block and Tackle System

Rope can be used like pulleys. Here I'm using mechanical advantage to lift a pressure washer for the back of my truck. The whole point of this video it to show ...


Wooden pulley block for Wherry Hathor. Part 2

1 year ago Dean Howard

2nd part of making a main sheet block for pleasure Wherry Hathor. Mr chickadee inspired.


Tackle Two Fold Purchase

5 years ago cicdl

2008 Minister of National Defence / Ministre de la Défense nationale.