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Build a portable power pack for $25

Pre-Built Battery Box: ▻ Battery Charger: Visit for the $25 box parts list.


Portable Power Supply

2 years ago Motionmagnetics

This tutorial shows how to build a very basic Portable Power Supply, chargeable by Solar or Electric means. It includes two USB Ports, a Volt Meter, and a ...


How to build a portable power box version two

1 year ago JDS Outdoors

This is an upgraded version of the portable power box build. Sorry about the longer video but this should help you build one of your own step by step and help ...


How to build a 12v portable power box

2 years ago JDS Outdoors

Check out the updated version How to make your very own portable power box please subscribe for future content thanks Disclaimer ...


Portable Power Pack - Intro

1 year ago Frank Brand

Introduction to my DIY Portable Power Pack that uses Li-Ion 18650 cells for storage. DISCLOSURE: Click on links to various merchants on...


How to build a cheap 12v lithium power pack for under $30

1 year ago Mikes Power

I decided to use my leftover 18650 batteries to make a portable power pack for my fridge or charging phones or cameras etc. It can be used while camping as a ...


PORTABLE POWER PACK- How to DIY and build one on a budget

3 years ago David Bennett

I built this Portable power pack to run a set of 600WATT studio strobes out in the field. It works great! If your a photographer and need a portable battery but cant ...


How to - Build The Portable Power Station Cooler Project

11 months ago All-About-Diy

In this video we are learning how to build a portable power station using a hand-held cooler. This cooler is equipped with dual USB ports, an inverter with a 110 ...


Portable power in 60 seconds.

1 year ago Motionmagnetics

This is the quickest, most simple way to put together your own portable power box. While there are many videos online showing how to build really complex and ...


Portable Battery Box For Camping

2 years ago Jason AHP

Portable Battery Box from readily available materials to use to charge phones, tablets, cameras and other electrical equipment.


Build A Solar Ammo Can Full-Length Instructional Video

11 months ago BenjaminNelson

This is the step-by-step instructional video on how to build a portable solar power supply in an ammo can. CLICK SHOW MORE for parts list and other details!


How To Make A Power Pack

2 years ago Danny S Hodges

This video shows how to make your on 120 volt power source.Great for camping are anywhere inverter you are off the grid.Run lights charge your phone run a ...


Portable Power Station

4 years ago acet7

I built a portable power supply to charge my cell phones and batteries. I can charge it with a small solar panel or by a small trickle charger. I will run some tests ...


DIY Off-Grid Solar Generator (rev 1) – Low-Cost Portable Power

1 year ago Desert Prep

Portable Solar Power System Features: • always-available portable AC power • cart makes transport around property convenient • can be charged from AC ...


Portable Battery Box for Kayaking/Camping

1 year ago Yak Life

This is a portable battery box I have made to use kayak camping! It will do it all. Works perfect for my needs and can easily be made to fit yours! I researched ...


DIY Portable Solar Power Generator Part 1

3 years ago Jim Fisher

This DIY 110 amp hour portable generator is designed to be powered by a 100W solar panel and 2 55AH AGM sealed batteries. The system includes a 30A ...


12v portable power pack

1 year ago Mikes Power

I decided to use my leftover 18650 batteries to make a portable power pack for my fridge or charging phones etc.


How to Make Homemade Vegabond (Power Supply) to Power Strobes in the Field

3 years ago EMIP TV

Where I Buy all of my Gear (Best Prices Too!!) Jacob the Photographer video on how to: ...


DIY Portable Battery Pack 12V 10A with Solar Panel and LED

2 years ago Data 795

Here is my DIY Battery pack for connecting a solar panel -Please note I am not an electrician, all projects are at your own risk. Here is my updated version ...


home made bivvy power pack

3 years ago m0iee

little demo on how to put a battery in a box... bits used pencil / maker pen ruler plastic adaptable box 29mm hole saw 20mm hole saw .75mm flex 10amp round ...