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Safety first! How to make a solder fume extractor!

4 years ago DIY Perks

In this video, Matt shows how to make a solder fume extractor - a definite must if you ever do any soldering!


How to build a fume extractor #1 of 3

4 years ago

In this video I'm demonstrating how to build a DIY soldering fume extractor out of old computer fans. Inhaling flux fumes is not a pleasure and it may be bad for ...


How to make Solder Fume Extractor - Homemade Fume Extractor

11 months ago My Projects Lab

Homemade Solder Fume Extractor Project easy to build. You can make your own Solder fume extractor using easily available items.


How to make a powerful Fume Extractor for less than $30

8 years ago Forrest Trenaman

In this video I will show you how to make a rely powerful fume extractor for under $30, AND IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! Unlike some of the other ones that I have ...


Desktop Air Purifier w/ Computer Fans (Fume Extractor for Soldering)

3 years ago Darbin Orvar

In this video I make an air purifier to help me solder and avoid the fumes. I use mdf and hot glue for most of the construction. Voltage Booster: ...


Weekend Project: Mini Fume Extractor

9 years ago Make:

Candy tin fume absorber helps keep your air clean and your lungs healthy. Learn more about this project here:


Solder Fume Extractor | Super Easy to Make

1 year ago 3DSage

Why use a fume extractor? When soldering, "Exposure to rosin can cause eye, throat and lung irritation, nose bleeds and headaches. Repeated exposure can ...


How to make a fume extractor // Axiom Precision CNC Laser

You can learn more about the Axiom AR8 here - Hey guys, I thought I would prototype out a smoke extractor for ...


Amazing idea with CPU Cooling Fan | DIY Soldering Fume Extractor

2 months ago EKS Tech Creation

Thanks for watching This video shows you how to make a soldering fume extractor. This will absorb the smoke coming soldering iron If you like the video, please ...


Home made Soldering Exhaust Fan

4 years ago Robert Frisbie

Here is a simple exhaust fan that I made for all my soldering and electronics projects I used : various 3 inch plumbing pipes Two 80 mm PC Fans 12 volt battery ...


How to Make a Fume Hood Part 4 - Ducting and Testing

The fourth and final part in my how to make a fume hood series. I hope you all have enjoyed this series, and I would be happy if you would show appreciation by ...


Ringoo DIY: Mini fume solder exhaust for less than 10 $ !!!

1 year ago Ringoo_Co

Stop to breath the toxic smoke from your tin soldering and make a powerful and flexible tin solder exhaust... and have fun.


My homemade extractor fan

12v 120watts car radiator fan and a cardboard box which had my new pc in.


Ultrasonic Mist Maker || DIY or Buy

1 year ago GreatScott!

You can get an Ultrasonic Mist Maker here (Affiliate Links): Ebay: ...


Extractor Fan DIY

2 years ago Olly Parry-Jones

For as long as I've been in this flat, the extractor fan in my bathroom has been making a 'rough' knocking sound. While removing it to inspect the cavity and clean ...


Crazepony Soldering Tool Fan

1 year ago Many Capes Tech


Mini DIY Soldering Workbench with fume extractor

4 years ago kirys

This is a small "workbench" that I made to assist me when soldering. It is made using a foldable magnifier (the one you can find on ebay for less that 10€) as ...


Make a solder fume extractor || 18650 Charging Exhaust Fan

6 months ago Fread's House

Use cheap and easy to obtain material creat a solder fume extractor ,power from the 18650 ,so there is no need to connect wires during use. Track: Elektronomia ...


Building a Fume Hood at Home (speed build w/ commentary)

2 years ago whynabile

Hi everyone, it's whynabile here, and this week I made a homemade fume hood with an adjustable sash, controllable speed airflow and fan, and easy duct work.


Project - 3D Printed Soldering Fume Absorber / Extractor - Project Update to Mark2

2 years ago Martin Majewski

Update: I have updated the Fume Absorber project files. It is now easier to print, easier to assemble and works better. Pictures of the most current printout will ...