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Blacksmith Forging the Human Face

8 years ago nyblacksmith

Many wanted to see this process. So, for all of you that were interested, here it is... Enjoy ! Larry (NY Blacksmith)


Raising a mask: Forging the human face

Forming a face mask to fit to a helm.


Trillium Forge: Repousse hammer with welded faces

1 year ago Sean St.

I wanted to practice the traditional way of welding tool steel faces onto softer iron (in this case mild steel) for making hammers, so I decided to make a repousse ...

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blacksmithing art

3 years ago Jurito 85


Promotional video - Bear's Head by Darryl Nelson

10 years ago Mark Aspery

Promotional video for Darryl Nelson's full length video.


Forging Rams Head

Ok, so I have been playing with the forge a month now... yep I am hooked but thought I would try something artistic... watched some videos on how to make a ...


Forging a Soft Face Hammer (Blacksmith Forging a Hammer)

In this video, you'll see Roy Adams blacksmith, forging a hammer. He's forging a soft face hammer for use in certain blacksmithing techniques. Hammer Texture ...


Don't Touch Red Hot Iron

3 months ago The King of Random

Join the TKOR Mailing List to be the first to find out what's coming! In today's video we're going over the basics of blacksmithing with a special ...


Blacksmith - Making Ramshead

6 years ago ArtisanMedia100

Aaron Petersen shows the blacksmithing techniques involved to forge a Rams Head Fire Tool. Forged from a single metal bar, this project demonstrates many ...


Blacksmith Forging Scrollwork on The Big Gate

7 years ago modernblacksmith

Blacksmith Forging Scrollwork on The Big Gate.


Blacksmithing - Forging a larger decorative leaf

4 years ago Torbjörn Åhman

How to forge a leaf! If you like my videos you can support me at:


face 1

9 years ago freddytk421


Forged Full-Bodied Horse

4 years ago Mark Aspery

Forged full-bodied horse from flat bar by Darryl Nelson.


blacksmithing,forging a leaf

9 years ago zooseheidi

Blacksmith Steve Wietecha of Hilltop Metal Works forges a leaf.


The Blacksmith - a Dying Art. Forged steel sculpture.

2 years ago Paul Widdows

Human skeleton figure in forged steel.

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ART_Rebar Sculpture

5 years ago Lois F.


Forging an eye punch - blackmith tools

11 months ago Black Bear Forge

If you plan to do any figure carving of human or animal faces in your blacksmith shop, you will want an eye punch. This punch is forged from S7 tool steel, but ...

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6 years ago Jérôme Moulron


Blacksmith forged Chili Pepper

6 years ago WinDancerKnives

Here is how I forge a Chili Pepper: maybe not the only way, maybe not the best way, just my way. Start to finish with every step. The video has been heavily ...


Blacksmithing - Forging Some Norway Kissing Horses Horseshoe Hearts For Julius

This is a requested video for a custom order from Norway... Julius I am sorry for the delay and will be getting with you to finish this transaction.