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Amazing look at a Cranberry Harvest filmed by drone. Lake Nakomis 2015

Gopher Aerial

We were excited to get to film a cranberry harvest in Wisconsin last week. Check out this video which follows the whole process of harvesting cranberries.


CRANBERRY | How Does It Grow?


PART 2: my BIGGEST regret with this episode, and how I made amends: ❤ BECOME A TRUE FOOD TV PATRON ...


How Ocean Spray Harvests 220 Billion Cranberries A Year

Business Insider

Ocean Spray Cranberry farms are a part of a large cooperative established in 1933 that includes the US, Canada, and Chile. Many of the farms are fourth ...


Sights and Sounds of a Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest "Part 1 of 2"


My brother in laws cranberry harvest 2013 Part 1 This is how a cranberry harvest goes when you have lift pumps, fill ditches and dikes complete. In this video I ...


2016 Cranberry Harvest Wisconsin Marsh


A look at our harvest this year. Didn't start out very good. Our beater tractor broke and we had to borrow the Kubota to not only pull the broken tractor in but also ...


The Stunning Way Cranberries Are Harvested

In season, cranberry bogs dot the Massachusetts topography, their bright red pools especially eye-catching from above. These striking marshes produce much ...


Secrets of the Cranberry Harvest

Ocean Spray

Take a unique look at Ocean Spray grower-owner Gary Garretson's cranberry bog in South Carver, Massachusetts from a bird's-eye view. Learn more about the ...


Cranberry Harvest via 4K Drone


In Plympton, MA sits Rocky River Bogs..let me show you how they get the job done getting your Cranberry Juice & sauce from the Bog to your dining room table!


Cranberry Harvest 2015 "Knocking Cranberries Off the Vines"


The start of our cranberry harvest. The beds are flooded with some water and dad is knocking the berries off the vines with a custom built tractor.


Michigan Cranberry Company: 2015 Harvest

Michigan Cranberry Company of Cheboygan County began harvesting cranberries for fresh and retail pack markets on Oct. 1. It's a little early, says farm owner ...


Cranberry Harvest 2014

Mike Estabrook

A look at a New England family's cranberry harvest in Kingston MA.


How to Harvesting Wool - Amazing Sheep Factory - Wool Processing Mill

Noal Farm

Harvesting wool. Sheep shearing is the process by which the woollen fleece of a sheep is cut off. Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own this video nor the image ...


Kids Picking Cranberries the Old Fashioned Way | Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest

A Country Life

Joseph and Peter have a blast picking cranberries the old fashioned way with antique wooden cranberry rakes. Cranberry Harvest 2016 archives One Last ...


Crazy for Cranberries - an education video about Cranberry production

michelle herlihy

An educational video about the production of cranberries here in the lower mainland (BC Canada) Cranwest produces cranberries for Ocean Spray Juice Co.


Dry Cranberry Harvest


This is how we started harvesting our cranberries because we didn't have any water. We had a severe drought this year. This video give you a look at some dry ...


Aerial View Cranberry Harvest - Carver, Massachusetts


This is a little bit of footage of the local cranberry harvest in Carver, MA. I just happened to be driving by when they were harvesting. It was filmed using a GoPro ...


Furford picker - dry cranberry harvest Grayland WA 2015


Quick video demonstrating the fall cranberry harvest with the Furford picker. Video by Mike Brook. I was reading the South Beach Bulletin online which explains ...


Harvesting Cranberries - Farm Tour


Rain or shine, wet harvesting cranberries from bog-to-truck is a hands-on seasonal process and when the berries are ready, it's time to harvest. The fresh berries ...


Starvation Alley Cranberry for Concoctions Spotlight Video

Marx Foods

A behind the scenes look at Starvation Alley's Cranberry for Concoctions unsweetened organic cranberry juice. Look for it at the Marx Foods retail store: ...


Cranberry Harvest Time Lapse 2017

Aaron Webster

On the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State, cranberry bogs are flooded and the berries are corralled towards a conveyor belt.