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Car Hub Cap Artwork

Streets United

Some incredible creativeness has can surely be seen in these sculptures that have been created solely using hub caps of cars. The creative artist behind these ...


Animal sculptures from hubcaps

Pravda Report Artist Ptolemy Elrington creates these unique looking sculptures from discarded car hubcaps. Mr Erlington, who is ...


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Eric Polston


Landfill Art Project - Hubcaps into Art


Landfillart is an international project encompassing one-thousand-forty-one (1041) artists who take a discarded automobile hubcap and turn it into art.


Upcycled Hubcap Flowers 2 Ways - DIY Network

DIY Network

Transform old hubcaps into fun, sculptural flowers for your backyard with these two easy DIYs. Try making "petals" from CDs, or from 9-guage galvanized wire.


Hubcaps Become Canvas for Strange Art

Associated Press

The humble hubcap, it turns out, makes an excellent canvas. Over the past three years, Ken Marquis has persuaded artists from all 50 states and 52 countries to ...


Hubcap tree and cool buildings downtown Palmetto - jon swift live

jon swift live

cool sights in Palmetto's historic district and a surprise bit of art SUBSCRIBE T-SHIRTS


Stay tuned for more cool hubcap finding hubcaps:)

Landon Caldwell



MASSIVE hubcaps find!

Hubcaps America


buying hubcaps for my dads van.

mike peugeot

hi guys Peugeot guy here and today we went to a hardware store and bought a set of 4 aftermarket hubcaps for my dads van. these are very uncommon so that's ...


Bird Vs. Car


I was walking my dog and heard a very odd noise. Found this crazy bird attacking the hubcap of a Thunderbird. He was at it for a long time but here is a clip!


Incredible 3 In 1 Hubcap finds!

mike peugeot

Holy shit! They are all genuine and all are made after 2015!


Scrapyard Special 5 (Retro Hubcap Edition)

Hubcap Mate

I'm not gone! just super busy at the moments! but here is a Video for you!...There ain't nothing better than buying 3 shopping carts filled to the top with super rare ...


Hubcap goldmine on GM! (Ford fiesta hubcaps everywhere!)

peugeot guy 2


Hubcaps Used As Decorations -

Recycled hubcaps can spiff up your home or yard! Hubcaps can do more that just cover up your old wheels! Have you ever thought of transforming those old ...


Watch How These Awesome Retro Toy Cars Are Made


If you love cars, we're positive you started life loving toy cars. Our own Jason Torchinsky met with the folks at Candylab Toys and helped them design his own toy ...


Homemade Wrench sculpture

chris looks at

junk art scrap art sculpture.


V8 Art Deco gate-inspired car parts lamp with gears


This lamp is a favorite. I saw an Art Deco driveway gate in a NYC museum, which had some gears on each side, which was the inspiration for this design.


Greatest barn find collection known to man | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 46


You'd never know that down an unmarked, unpaved road lives a barn-find collection that would melt any car enthusiast's face off. Dodge Daytonas, a Plymouth ...


Austin Allegro Hubcap reveiw

mike peugeot

I'm really pissed off it's broken and I didn't get it out on camera. It's now one of my rates rarest hubcaps I have.