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4 Practical Ice Cube Tray Hacks | Life Hacks | Craft Factory

9 months ago Craft Factory

Who knew a simple ice cube tray can be so useful? Watch this Nailed It video to learn different ways to use your ice cube tray that we all have laying around the ...


8 Ways to Hack an Ice Tray

From making easy ravioli and chocolate bars, to preserving herbs and wine, ice cube trays are incredibly useful. To save these hacks: ttps:// ...


Mom Hacks: 3 Clever Ways to Use Your Ice Cube Tray

2 years ago

Welcome back to Mom Hacks! Check out these 3 clever ways to use your ice cube tray that doesn't just involve water. We're making flavored ice cubes, frozen ...


5 Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray: Howdini Hacks

4 years ago Howdini

Ice cube trays aren't just for making ice anymore! Howdini shows you 5 clever ways to use the trays, both in and out of the freezer! Don't forget to comment, like ...



1 month ago 5-Minute Crafts

BEST QUICK MEALS Everybody loves sushi but it takes too much time to cook them at home. Moreover, you need special supplies to cook them. But what to do ...


Ice Cube Pies 10 Ways | Ice Cube Dessert Recipes | Easy Dessert Ideas | Twisted

1 month ago Twisted

And you thought an ice cube tray was only used for making ice, well think again because this video will show you 10 ways to make tasty treats using a basic ice ...


5 different types of ice cubes

2 years ago Mohamed Adnan

Video from Khudsia.


Twelve Surprising and Unique Uses for Ice Cubes

12 Surprising and Unique Uses for Ice Cubes What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word ice? Most probably, the snow-laden valley ...


How to Use Your Ice Cube Tray in Creative Ways

8 years ago Howcast

Watch more Cooking Equipment videos: Put your old ice cube trays ...


Ice Tray Hacks

4 years ago Steve TV Show

Handy Ma'am Janell Inez is back with tips on how to use ice cube trays to help you be less wasteful in the kitchen. What are some cool things you plan to do with ...


Ice Genie Review: As Seen on TV Ice Cube Maker

5 months ago Freakin' Reviews

Ice Genie is advertised as a next-gen space-saving ice cube tray. Today I put it to the test! Buy it: Written review: ...


Ice cube tray hacks

Ice cube trays can be handy in the kitchen for more than making ice - check out these cool ways to repurpose your trays!


5 unexpected ways to use an ice cube tray

1 year ago Yummly

Your ice-cube tray is good for more than just water. Check out these genius ideas.


Four Ice Hacks

1 year ago Tipsy Bartender

Here's how you do it: ICE SHOT GLASS 1. Pour some water into a paper shot glass or cup and insert a smaller shot glass on the center. 2. Tape the smaller cup ...


8 Ice Cube Beauty Hacks

8 months ago CureJoy

Title: 8 Ice Cube Beauty Hacks An ice cube can soothe pimples, sunburns, and skin inflammation. It reduces redness and swelling and numbs the pain. A face ...



1 year ago 5-Minute Crafts

Best ideas for you greatest party of all time! Easy snack recipes, DIY table and wall decorations and drink hacks. Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: ...


5 Ice Cube Tray Hacks That Aren’t Just Plain Old Water Ice

2 years ago Spoon University

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Cooking with ice cube trays is the way to eat in 2018!

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You think your ice cube tray is only good for water watch these 10 brilliant ice cube tray Hacks

1 year ago Lifehacker

You think your ice cube tray is only good for water watch these 10 brilliant ice cube trays Hacks Subscribe to the channel: Sometimes in our home we have ...


Press Pizza Dough Into An Ice Cube Tray And Bake It. Wow!

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