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4 Brilliant Uses for an old SATELLITE DISH!


Here 's 4 cool alternative uses for an old satellite dish! Check out this fun Twitter profile @MarijuanaMovies. Trivia, Fun Facts and Famous Quotes everyday!

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wifi antenna satellite dish

Tahir Mehmood


Transform your Satellite dish to an antenna (Ota)

Franz M

Simple way to mount your over the air antenna to your preexisting Directv dish while also using your existing coaxial cable. Everything stays intact in case you ...


EZ Dish Antenna WIFI Cantenna -28 db build. Free WIFI

Simple and cheap wifi dish build , junkyard parts plus high power adapter = free Wifi , here are the instructions I used to build mine, ...

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How to make a TV Antenna. Out of old Satellite Dishes.



How to convert and install a old trashed DTV satellite dish to a FTA Dish


Description This DIY video shows how I convert "old" trashed DTV Satellite dishes for FTA hobby use. Also, the quick way to install a Satellite Dish Pole.

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Brilliant Uses: Old Satellite Dish

Felix Hernandez

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Satellite dish uses

Don Beuch


From DirecTV to an OTA antenna | Cord Cutting | Nathan Watne

Nathan Watne

Are you looking to "cut the cord" and stop paying for over priced TV? In this video, I talk about utilizing the existing infrastructure that any satellite provider has ...


Converting a Direct TV Dish into a Wifi Dish


I got free Satellite TV on my PC by clicking on this link: . Check it out now !!!


Get FREE TV - Replace DirecTV with an Over-the-Air Antenna

Tool Dude Tony

Want to save over $1000 a year. This video shows you how to replace your direct satellite dish with an overthe-air (OTA) antenna and get free digital HD TV.


New Satellite Dish hack !!2017

Ahmad Sheraz

New Satellite Dish hack !!2017 New Satellite Dish hack !!2018 New Satellite Dish hack !!2019 Launch 2017/2018 tv ...


Use your old satellite dish with your OTA (Over the air) antenna


Mount your over the air antenna onto your old satellite dish base and bounce the signals right off of that old dish for great FREE HD channels. You can adjust the ...


Satellite Dish Hack for Clear Sprint Internet Speed Signal Boost


Satellite Dish Hack for Clear Sprint Internet Speed Signal Boost Clear 4G Internet Review & Clear Spot Apollo ...


How To Get Free TV Channels With An Old Satellite


I rigged up a cheap antenna on an old satellite dish I had to see if it would let me get more tv channels and it worked! I have another dish that I'm gonna turn to ...

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hd tv wifi w dish

William Mauck


How to use old satellite dish coax cable with OTA HDTV antenna.

Dustin Washam

Recently cut the cord and converted our satellite dish coax cable into the coax cable for our HDTV antenna. Pick up 33 free channels. Here i the link to the OTA ...


Convert old satellite dish to pick up antenna signals and my Pokmon gear.

I show how you can convert a old satellite dish to pick up antenna signals and I show you what gear I am using when I go out to the Pokemon stops. Also got ...


DIY Satellite Dish parabolic mirror solar death ray (2018)

Simple Tek

This video is about building a DIY Satellite Dish solar parabolic mirror death ray. Using an old satellite TV dish I resurface and clean it before applying reflective ...


Q&A: Can I use an old satellite dish as a reflector?

Today we have questions about talking heads and ceiling mounted lights, semi-pro casts and the possibility of using a satellite dish as a reflector. I'll do my best ...