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Baby Groot carving from catalpa tree

11 months ago lignum

For this project, I used a catalpa tree stump which was used for splitting firewood. This was the first time I used catalpa wood and I'm really pleased how easy it ...


Woodcarving "Howling Wolf" ►► Timelapse

2 years ago WieselRobot

Wood carving a howling wolf in timelapse. More drawing, sculpting and carving timelapse - videos on my channel. Material: Pinus cembra (Stone pine/Zirbe) ...


Turning plywood into dynamic sculptures

4 years ago PBS NewsHour

Using a self-taught technique, David Knopp carves plywood laminate into fantastically abstract shapes, imbuing the rigid nature of wood with the fluidity of water.


Guide to Wood Carving Faces Part 1

4 years ago SharonMyART

Easy Step by step guide to wood carving the perfect face. Follow along at home and create this guide and learn techniques you will use for all your faces large ...


Wood Carving

Woodcarving has long been considered as one of Iranian arts and handicrafts. A person who cuts designs on a piece of wood and uses simple tools to carve ...


14 Unbelievable Wood Creations

2 years ago Hectic Express

From wooden cars, to the crazy idea of making album records out of wood, these are 14 UNBELIEVABLE Wood Creations ! Subscribe to Hectic Express ...


Husky Bench Sculpture Carved with Chainsaw!

Artist Jordan Anderson grabbed his chainsaw and impressively carved wooden Siberian Huskies for a bench he was creating. When he finished carving them, ...


#40 Hybrid Sphere 🌗 Burl & Resin "Red Dawn"

1 year ago Heath Knuckles

Made a hybrid sphere using resin and stabilized maple burl. Also, whipped up a quick and dirty stand w/maple burl (pictured at the end of the video). Otherwise ...


Feast Your Eyes on the Most Amazing Wood Carving Ever Created

4 years ago nollyvines

Read More: China has a long-standing tradition in wood carving. For centuries, its chisel-wielding masters have been turning bland ...


Carving a wooden rose with Dremel

Simple Dremel working *Carving a rose take two* Music is from: Chris Zabriskie. -The temperature of the Air on the bow of the kaleetan-


World's Master Carver, Ernest "Mooney Warther- Part 2: Making Basswood Pliers with David Warther

5 years ago Woodcraft

David Warther, son of the world's renown master carver Ernest "Mooney" Warther, shows us how to carve (in 10 cuts!) the infamous pliers they give away to all ...


23 Cool Sculptures You Won't Believe Actually Exist

1 year ago Believe That

Which of these pieces did you find the most incredible? Let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos just like this, ...


Amazing Wood Art

1 year ago Trending Now

Amazing Wood Art.


The Carving is done only with Chisels and Displaying the Natural Beauty of Wood Grain

Ichii Woodcarvings - The Carving is done only with Chisels and Displaying the Natural Beauty of Wood Grain Ichii Itto Bori Craftsman: Shioya Toshio (塩谷 敏雄 ...


Metal-Wood art ideas!VEERY NICE!!!!

2 years ago GISMOTELA

iron-wood art works.


Realistic Wooden Sculpture

5 years ago VIDEO Mirchi 68.3

Realistic Wooden Sculpture. Sculpture (Visual Art Form),Wood (Visual Art Medium),real,realistic,wooden,sculpture,statue,clay,Drawing,Painting,Paint,Draw,Artist ...


amazing wood craft an art

1 year ago HAPPY CLUB

in this video ..amazing wood art..wood craft..wooden art ..wood to carving snake sticks.


Incredible Art on Pencil / Epic Pencil Sculptures / Pencil Carving

8 months ago DrNGO

Incredible Art on Pencil / Epic Pencil Sculptures / Pencil Carving Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE channel & LIKE video. thank you ........... Full Credit: ...


Wood carved male head Limewood "Tico"

3 years ago TTTopDotCom

Wood carved male head Limewood "Tico"


Wood Carving Tools & Techniques for Beginners

4 years ago Wood and Shop

Bill Anderson explains how to buy and use wood carving gouges & mallets to get started in carving furniture in traditional woodworking. See the tool list here: ...